Written by Erik Cassano

Erik Cassano
Finally. The NBA Draft. Tonight. I haven't been this excited for the draft since the Reagan administration. Will the Cavs use their two second round picks to move up in the first? Which point guards will be available at #25? In the last piece of his pre-draft installment, Papa Cass lays out what would be his ideal draft for Danny Ferry and the Cavaliers.  Visit the Papa Cass weblog at http://papacass.blogspot.com/

If I had to pick an ideal situation for the Cavaliers' draft on Wednesday, it would look like this:

1. I'd like to see them use the 25th pick on either Texas point guard Daniel Gibson or UCLA point guard Jordan Farmar. If you don't think either one is going to be there, for crying out loud, use one of those second-rounders and try to trade up. Don't settle for Kyle Lowry or Quincy Douby or Maurice Ager.

(Keep in mind, however, that Gibson hasn't hired an agent. As long as he doesn't hire an agent, he reserves the right to back out up until the draft. But given the millions of greenbacks that await him, that's unlikely.)

2. If they get Gibson or Farmar without having to expend a second-rounder in a trade, they should package both second rounders to a team in a throw-crap-against-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks mode (i.e. Charlotte or Toronto) and move up to the top of the second round and select Mike Gansey from West Virginia. I think teams will be scared off by his age (24) and lack of athleticism enough so that he falls to 30-35th pick range.

In my opinion, they should do everything in their power to use both picks and trade up. That pick in the back half of the second round isn't going to yield anything more than a D-leaguer to keep Martynas Andriuskevicius company on those long bus rides through Alabama and the Carolinas.

A night that yields Gibson or Farmar, along with Gansey, should do a lot to improve Cleveland's bench depth next season.