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Cavs TCF Authors Demetri Inembolidis

Although Demetri Inembolidis is a graduate of the Ohio State University, he is not the most avid of collegiate sports fans. That does not mean that he won't be found tailgating before a big Buckeyes game.

Demetri's passion is the NBA. His favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he has been known to pay close attention to the entire league. Although Demetri has been to a small handful of potential elimination games, he has never had the opportunity of seeing the Cavs win a playoff series in person. One might consider that divine intervention. Demetri presumes it is a result of bad luck.

When Demetri is not in his living room watching Cleveland sports, he can be found at the local watering hole or attempting to plan his wedding.

Demetri can also be found as a contributor on the website I GO HARD NOW

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