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Best Browns Ever

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Super Bowls are nice.  Playoffs are nice too.  Consistency with the coaching staff and an unspoken, honorable trust in the front office goes a long way with fans.  So, maybe I’ve been told as much, but I’m basically guessing on all of this; after all, this is the Cleveland Browns we’re talking about.  Often times, we hear some nonsense about being on the right track and respecting the process, but it’s all just talk. That’s one thing we like to do ... Read more

Jeff Rich | Saturday, January 18

Cleveland Sports / Classic Rock Vault: Random Browns Trivia Quiz - Season’s End Edition

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Some Browns thoughts are still rattling around my brain- because hey, it’s not my fault they are done playing by January… Every. Single. Year. And to borrow the name of a semi-recent Steely Dan CD, everything must go! All Browns fans ‘know’ stuff about the team. While it seems true that the fan base is dwindling due to the wanton mismanagement of the franchise, it has been common for generations that we become infused with Cleveland Browns information, almost by osmosis, ... Read more

Greg Popelka | Friday, January 17

The Numbing Sameness of It All, Again--The Letter

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Give me a ticket for next year, And a towel to dry my tears, Losing days are done, Time to go back home, The Owner, he wrote me a letter.   I don’t care how much money he makes me spend, Glad to do it, just say when Losing days are done Time to go back home, The Owner, he wrote me a ... Read more

Gary Benz | Thursday, January 16

My Jimmy - He Wrote Me a Letter

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If you were one of the lucky folks who strolled out to your mailbox this week and discovered a love note from ole’ Truck Stop Jimmy Haslam sandwiched in between the electric bill and 45 pages of Papa John’s coupons, clearly wishing you a happy new year would be redundant. It’s always great when the guy who just moved in down the street and then set the neighborhood on fire when a batch of crystal meth got away from him drops ... Read more

Jonathan Knight | Wednesday, January 15

You Tube of the Day





Cleveland State's Rally Comes Up Short Against Wright State

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The Cleveland State men's basketball team fought back from a 13-point deficit with eight minutes remaining, but couldn't get the final shot to fall, as Wright State held on to a 49-46 victory Sunday afternoon at the Wolstein Center. Trey Lewis had a chance to tie the game and send it into overtime, but his desperation three-pointer from 30-feet bounced off th... Read more

Tom Mieskoski | Wednesday, January 15

We Didn't Sign Up For Dis

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It’s hard to say what best sums up the 15 years of Cleveland Browns football we have been privelleged to receive since the NFL awarded the city with an expansion franchise to begin play in 1999.  Do you start with the fact that 80% of those seasons have hit double-digits in the loss column?  Do you talk about the draft ... Read more

Jeff Rich | Tuesday, January 14

A Chris Grant Trade History Review

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Speak to anybody who follows the NBA about Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant and odds are that they will mention his poor track record drafting. While I do not agree that Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters add to his history of poor draft choices, the clock is ticking on Anthony Bennett to prove that he belongs in the NBA. He ... Read more

Demetri Inembolidis | Tuesday, January 14

Cleveland State Close Out Oakland, 86-76

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Facing a similar situation to the previous game, it looked like it may be déjà vu for the Cleveland State men's basketball team on Thursday night, as it held a six-point lead with 1:35 to go against Oakland. Already this season, CSU has blown six leads with under two minutes to go, including a four-point lead Monday against Youngstown State with 1:34 left in ... Read more

Tom Mieskoski | Tuesday, January 14

Latest Browns Coaching Search Leaving Everyone Terribly Vexed

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The Cleveland Browns coaching search is two weeks old now and the team has not made a decision yet on who will replace the fired Rob Chudzinski. Whether or not owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner are any closer to finding Chudzinksi’s replacement is still unclear and while the situation is less than ideal, it may not be as dire ... Read more

Thomas Moore | Monday, January 13

Thoughts (Or Lack Thereof) On The Browns Head Coaching Search

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Quick, without looking him up, think of everything you know about Cleveland Browns head coach candidate Dan Quinn. Here’s what I ... Read more

Jeremy Klein | Friday, January 10

The Numbing Sameness of It All, Again--Lost Generation Edition

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As the Cleveland Browns go about the business of finding still another new head coach, the lull this creates before the smoke billows from Berea indicating that a coach has been secured gives fans the distance they need to process their team's latest misstep. Distance isn't making the heart grow ... Read more

Gary Benz | Thursday, January 9

Doing It Wrong, All Along?

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Maybe Cavs GM Chris Grant really is lousy at drafting. Maybe Tuesday’s trade that brought Luol Deng to Cleveland is Grant’s acknowledgement that his drafts have been lacking. Or maybe it’s an acknowledgement that the system is flawed, and no team lives on drafting alone. In fact, if you want a championship parade, history says you do what Grant just did ... Read more

Erik Cassano | Tuesday, January 7

Questions & Answers on Cavs Trade for Deng

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Answering the Questions From the Luol Deng Trade That's the risk sports fans take by going to sleep each night.  You never know when you are going to wake up and find that your team made a big trade in the wee hours.  That's where Cavs fans find themselves today, as they have woken up to the news that their team has ... Read more

John Hnat | Tuesday, January 7

Bench Lifts Cleveland State Past Detroit

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The Cleveland State men's basketball team got a lift off the bench as Jon Harris and Sebastian Douglas each had good nights offensively in the Vikings’ 73-63 win over Detroit on Wednesday night at the Wolstein Center. Harris, a Miami of Ohio transfer, led the Vikings with a game-high 18 points, while Douglas added 14. "We needed (the bench) today because our guards went a combined 5-for-27 from the ... Read more

Tom Mieskoski | Tuesday, January 7

What Went Right, and Wrong, for the Browns in 2013

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The Cleveland Browns wrapped up the 2013 NFL season a week ago and it was a familiar one for Browns fans. The team finished at 4-12, the 12th time the Browns have had double-digit losses in a season since returning to the NFL in 1999. This was also the 10th time in the past 11 years that the team won two ... Read more

Thomas Moore | Sunday, January 5

Clemson Tops OSU in Orange Bowl

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Ohio State turned the ball over four times in the last 20 minutes of the Orange Bowl on Friday night, and the Clemson Tigers held on for a 40-35 victory, as the Buckeyes lost their second straight after a 12-0 start to the 2013 season. "It's going to sting for a while, probably a long while because we didn't finish," ... Read more

Dan Wismar | Saturday, January 4