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Cavs Cavs Archive New Feature: Cavs Girl Of The Week
Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky

I watch ALOT of NBA games.  I watch my share, I watch your share ... I watch alot.  I also get to 8-10 Cavs game a year in person.  I feel qualified to say that the Cavs Girls are amongst the most "talented" groups in the league.

Before The Sporting Gods delivered us LBJ via a sequence of four numbered ping pong balls, this was far from an elite unit. 

Good God how times have changed. 

With people actually attending games, the pool of candidates has broadened, resulting in a group of girls much more pleasing on the eyes.

Put another way, these gals are actually getting their nails and hair done before games instead of attending group outings at The Hungry Heffer.  Instead of bolting to go get another beer when I see them getting ready for their halftime routine, I am now paying closer attention than I am to the game itself.

Despite the fact I've nary spoken a word to a single member of this group, I love these girls more than many of my family members.

With that, I give you Brianne ... the first ever Cavs Girl of the Week here on Swerbs Blurbs. 


Link to Brianne's Bio on The Cavalier's Official Site 

Birthday: August 4

Years on the Team: 1

Hometown: Boardman, Ohio

Hobbies: Reading magazines and writing

Other Occupation: Reporter for the Daily Kent Stater, Dance Teacher, and a student

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman and The Notebook

Favorite Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Favorite Car: Mitsubishi Eclipse

Favorite TV Show: Sex and the City

Favorite Type of Music: Country

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Book: Tales from the Bed: On Living, Dying, and Having it All by Jennifer Estess

Favorite CD: Anything by Kenny Chesney

Pets: Three dogs, Rocky, Tessa and Bentley and a fish named George

Favorite Place to Visit/Travel: New York City is the most exciting place to visit

What is the Most Attractive Quality You Find in Someone: A sense of humor is the most attractive quality in a person, along with a good smile.

What Do You Do to Relax: I watch episodes of Sex and the City or The O.C. to relax

What Are You Most Excited About for the Upcoming 05-06 Season: I'm excited for opening night and hopefully the playoffs.

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