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Cavs Cavs Archive Trade Deadline Looms, Cavs Set To Deal?
Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky
Mike Bibby. Jason Kidd. Scottie Pippen. Rumors, speculation, and potential trade scenarios are whirling around the world wide web as Thursday's 3 PM NBA trading deadline approaches. I take a second this morning to try and make sense of it all, neatly packaging all the noise that's out there. Stay glued to The Cleveland Fan today and tomorrow. We'll be all over any breaking news with the wine and gold.

 The Cavaliers need a point guard.  And with Thursday's 3 PM trade deadline fast approaching, the rumor mill is starting to crank up.

There's no reason to believe all the various rumors we're seeing out there on the web lack merit.  The Cavaliers have made a deadline deal each of the past two seasons.  They are in desperate need of a point guard that can push the tempo, distribute the basketball, and knock down jumpers.  They have desirable assets in Anderson Varejao, Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic, and Daniel Gibson.  And the Eastern Conference is WIDE OPEN.

If you fight through all the noise, all the speculation, and all the possible scenarios being tossed out there by the various forms of media ... there's three rumors out there that have consistently had the Cavaliers attached to them.

~A deal with the Sacramento Kings for Mike Bibby
~A deal with the New Jersey Nets for Jason Kidd
~Scottie Pippen, set to come out of retirement, signing with the Cavaliers

Let's start our analysis by saying that a deal for Kidd is the most unlikely of these three scenarios.  Kidd is set to make 40 million dollars over the next two seasons, they would have to give up alot to get him, and it would be a huge roll of the dice for Ferry and the Cavs.  If the 34-year old Kidd were to get hurt, retire, or become ineffective ... contending for a title during the next three seasons LeBron James is under contract would become an even more daunting task, and it would leave the team with next to no movable assets.  While
reports out of New Jersey are that the Nets are very serious about dealing Kidd, the Lakers are said to be the front runner.  I'd put the chances of Kidd to Cleveland at small at best. 

The Bibby deal makes alot more sense, and I truly believe that both the Kings and Cavs want to try and get this done.  However, due to the salary cap ramifications and the NBA trading rules, it's believed that the two teams may have to bring a third team into the deal to get it done.  Last night, before TNT's televised Spurs/Nuggets game, NBA Insider David Aldridge reported that the Cavs are "feverishly trying to acquire Bibby", and that the Cavs and Kings may have found a third team to involve.  Aldridge also reported that the Cavs are desperately trying to get this done without giving up Anderson Varejao, who is a hot commodity across the league.

The Pippen rumors have continued to gain traction, and this much we know for sure: Pippen is dead set on returning to the league, has interest in a player/coach type role, wants to sign with a contender only, and has an interest in coming here.  The Cavs have not made any public comments on this, but reliable beat writer Brian Windhorst
says the team has interest, and there are also some reports surfacing online of Pippen sightings in Cleveland yesterday.

Other names that have popped up as potential trade targets for Ferry and the Cavs are Memphis's Damon Stoudamire, Charlotte's Brevin Knight, Marcus Banks of the Suns, Portland's Juan Dixon, the Spurs Beno Udrih (whom Ferry helped draft), Orlando's Travis Diener, and Marko Jaric of the T'Wolves.

With the Cavs so clearly lacking a player with true point guard skills, and an excess of desirable players at the shooting guard and big forward spot ... a deal appears likely before tomorrow's 3 PM deadline.  Stay tuned to The Cleveland Fan, as we'll have the news and analysis of any potential deals up on the front page immediately after it happens.

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