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Cavs Cavs Archive Cavs Girl Of The Week: Kara
Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky

I figured that the "Cavs Girl of the Week" feature would be a nice way to get things started each Monday as the NBA regular season winds to a close and the playoffs approach. What I didn't figure was that the first installment would generate more positive responses, replies, and emails than five weeks of legitimate journalism.

And who am I to deprive the masses of what they want?

More than likely, Kara is the girl you've been saying "Oh my God, look at that blonde on the end" about to your buddies at Cavs games for the last three seasons. I know I have.

What you didn't know until now is that her favorite food is cavatelli, and her favorite book is Mitch Albom's "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" ... which may be my favorite food and book as well.

A little disturbing, however, is the fact that "Pretty Woman" seems to be the favorite movie of everyone on the Cavs dance team. Calls to the Cavs dance team coordinator asking if this is a prerequisite for hire have gone unreturned.

And lastly, for any of you stalkers out there, several of the Cavs girls will be making an appearance at Jillian's in Cleveland Heights this Friday night.

Click here for Kara's personal page on the Cavalier's official site.

Birthday: December 5

Years on the Team: 3

Hometown: Niles, Ohio

Hobbies: Reading and skiing

Other Occupation: J.D./M.B.A. student

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

Favorite Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts

Favorite Car: CLS 55

Favorite TV Show: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Favorite Type of Music: Top-40 and Hip Hop

Favorite Food: Cavatelli

Favorite Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

Pets: A chocolate lab named Wrigley and a cat named Pumpkin

Two Things You Would Bring to a Deserted Island: Water and a friend for company

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone in the World, Who Would it Be and Why: I like spending my dinners with family and friends, so I'll stick with them.

Favorite Place to Visit/Travel: New York City

What is the Most Attractive Quality You Find in Someone: It's a tie between intelligence and loyalty

What Do You Do to Relax: Spend time with my friends and family or curl up with a good book

Favorite Moment as a Cavalier Girl: The 2004-05 calendar unveiling party - It was a time for the entire team to be in the spotlight and have fun together outside of our normal environment.

What Are You Most Excited About for the Upcoming 05-06 Season: Having the opportunity to entertain the Cleveland fans again, especially with the added excitement at the arena this season!

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