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Cavs Cavs Archive Cavs Girl Of The Week: Cheney
Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky


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Despite her namesake, you can rest assured this Cheney isn't out gunning down hunting partners. Like her teammates, the bio is good for a chuckle though. When asked who she would choose if she could have dinner with anyone in the world, she answered "Wil Ferrell. I think he is such a great actor and he's the funniest man alive."

Memo to Cheney: Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino are great actors, not Will Ferrell. And I am the funniest man alive. And also coincidentally free for dinner on Friday.

Click here to visit Cheney's personal web page on the Cavs official site.

Birthday: April 4

Years on the Team: Rookie

Hometown: Lima, Ohio

Hobbies: Reading, shopping, going out with friends

Other Occupation: Hostess

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite Actor/Actress: Sandra Bullock

Favorite Car: Range Rover

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy and King of the Hill

Favorite Type of Music: All types

Favorite Food: Shrimp Alfredo

Favorite Book: Romance novels

Favorite CD: Rascal Flatts' Feels Like Today

Pets: A dwarf frog named Skeeter

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone in the World, Who Would it Be and Why: Will Ferrell. I think he is such a great actor and the funniest man alive.

Favorite Place to Visit/Travel: Riveria Maya

What is the Most Attractive Quality You Find in Someone: Their smile

What Do You Do to Relax: I curl up in a blanket and read a book

What Are You Most Excited About for the Upcoming 05-06 Season: I'm excited to perform and entertain for all the Cavaliers' fans.

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