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Cavs Cavs Archive Cavs Girl Of The Week: Nicole
Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky


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I could spend hours brainstorming and not produce material of this quality.

Favorite movie - Bad Boys 2? Listen, I never saw Bad Boys 2. But I did see the first one, which provides me with all the circumstancial evidence I need to know that the second one had to suck even worse.

But wait ... there's more.

We're all familiar with the question that ilicits the most entertaining responses by now. What two items would you bring to a deserted island with you?

I didn't think we'd ever top Laura's "a cell phone and a puppy", or when Amanda answered with three items. We have.

Two Things You Would Bring to a Deserted Island: Oral-B Brush-Ups and teammate Suzanne (pictured below)

Click here for Nicole's personal page on the Cavaliers official site.

Birthday: September 5

Years on the Team: 2nd year

Hometown: Tallmadge, Ohio

Hobbies: Jet skiing and country line-dancing

Other Occupation: A waitress, a dance instructor, and a full-time student

Favorite Movie: Bad Boys II

Favorite Actor/Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite Car: Ford Mustang GT

Favorite TV Show: Law and Order

Favorite Type of Music: Country, Hip-Hop, and R&B

Favorite Food: Potatoes

Favorite Book: The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks

Favorite CD: Rascal Flats

Pets: Two golden retrievers, Sadie and Lacey, and one white boxer, Tyson

Two Things You Would Bring to a Deserted Island: Oral-B Brush-Ups and teammate Suzanne

If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone In the World, Who Would It Be and Why: Emeril. There's nothing better than a guy who can cook

Favorite Place to Visit/Travel: Mind and Body Fitness

What is the Most Attractive Quality You Find in Someone: Eyes, smile, and broad shoulders

What Do You Do to Relax: Singing to my favorite country CD while driving

Favorite Moments as a Cavalier Girl: My first practice with the team at the Gund while there was a Motley Crue concert going on.

What Are You Most Excited About for the Upcoming 05-06 Season: Working with various choreographers.

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