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Cavs Cavs Archive Messing Around With A NBA Mock Draft
Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky
Without a pick in last year's NBA Draft, the Cavaliers have first and second round picks this summer, and are currently projected to pick 19th in what has the makings of being the deepest draft in recent NBA history. Despite the fact its still three months away, I decided to have a little fun, put pen to paper, and project how the 2008 NBA Draft might play out. 

Without a pick in last year's NBA draft, the Cavaliers have first and second round picks this summer, and are currently projected to pick 19th in what has the makings of being the deepest draft in recent NBA history.

Despite the fact its still three months away, I decided to have a little fun, put pen to paper, and project how the 2008 NBA Draft might play out. 

1.  Miami Heat - PF Michael Beasley, Kansas State (Freshman) 
Beasley has absolutely scary talent and is a surefire NBA superstar that will almost assuredly be the top pick regardless of who has it.  If it's the Heat, who looks like a lock to have the most ping pong balls, they potentially go from the worst team in basketball to a contender once again if Dwayne Wade can stay healthy. 
2.  Seattle Supersonics - PG Derrick Rose, Memphis State (Freshman) 
Freshmen will dominate the top of this draft board, and Rose is another kid that appears destined for superstardom at the next level.  A 6'4 point guard with size, speed, defensive skills, and the ability to put the biscuit in the basket ... Rose and Kevin Durant would be an incredible young duo for the Sonics, regardless of where they play next year. 
3.  Memphis Grizzlies - C Brook Lopez, Stanford (Sophomore) 
With Mike Conley Jr at the point and talented wing players like Rudy Gay and Mike Miller, the Grizz need a big.  And Brook Lopez figures to be the second best big on the board this summer behind Beasley.  A true center at both ends and a smart player that can also knock down the 12 footer, Brook is the better of the Stanford brothers and will be a very high pick in this year's draft if he leaves early. 
4.  Minnesota Timberwolves - SG Eric Gordon, Indiana (Freshman) 
In the wake of the Kelvin Sampson mess, Gordon is almost assuredly a one and done at IU, and will be a very high draft selection.  He is the prototypical shooting guard and a strong young kid that can fill it up from inside and also excels at taking it to the rack. 
5.  New York Knicks - SG O.J. Mayo, USC (Freshman) 
Mayo is big strong guard that just screams New York and appears like a likely selection here at #5 to the Knicks.  A great outside shooter that also has good enough ball handling skills and basketball IQ to run the point, Mayo should be a very good player at the next level for many years. 
6.  Los Angeles Clippers - PG Jerryd Bayless, Arizona (Freshman) 
Because of his size (6'3), Bayless will likely rate higher than D.J. Augustin and Darren Collison on the draft boards of most teams, and appears like a perfect fit for the Clippers at #6.  Bayless has super quickness, the ability to consistently get to the line and creates his own shot, and also possesses good point guard skills. 
7.  Milwaukee Bucks - PF Blake Griffin, Oklahoma (Freshman) 
Griffin is a poor man's Michael Beasley, but still a super NBA prospect that is likely to flee Oklahoma after just one season to become a NBA lottery pick.  Griffin is big and strong and already has a NBA body and motor at just 19 years of age.  The Bucks desperately need some front court help to complement Mo Williams and Michael Redd. 
8.  Charlotte Bobcats - C DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M (Freshman) 
Eight picks in, and the 7th freshman off the board will be DeAndre Jordan, the very talented seven footer from A&M.  Still a little raw, but the upside here is as good as any big man in the draft. 
9.  Chicago Bulls - SF Danilio Gallinari, Italy (20 years old) 
The draft's top international prospect and said to be in the Dirk Nowitzki mold.  Already playing at the highest levels of international basketball at a young age, and playing well. 
10.  Indiana Pacers - PF Kevin Love, UCLA (Freshman) 
With Jermaine O'Neal's production waning and his status with the team up in the air, the Pacers make it eight freshmen in the top ten when they take UCLA's talented young big man off the board here at #10.  Some people think the comp is Bryant Reeves, others rave about his intangibles and skills in the paint and feel he will be a great pro.  Me?  I think he goes on to have a very nice NBA career. 
11.  New Jersey Nets - PG D.J. Augustin, Texas (Sophomore) 
This super soph would look absolutely incredible in a Cavaliers uniform, but it's not going to happen unless the team engineers a trade to get into the top ten of the draft to get him.  Augustin is one of those rare talents that will be a very high pick despite being under six feet tall.  He's got the best PG skills in college hoops, plays smart and fast, and can fill it up.  The Nets will not pass on the ability to replace Jason Kidd with him if he's still on the board here at #11. 
12.  Sacramento Kings - PG Darren Collison, UCLA (Junior) 
With Mike Bibby gone to Atlanta, the Kings need to fill the hole at the point, and Collison is the fourth of five really good point guard prospects likely to enter this draft. 
13.  Portland Trail Blazers - PG Ty Lawson, North Carolina (Sophomore) 
Lightning quick, Lawson (or any of the aforementioned point guards) would be a perfect fit in Portland, who hopes to get Greg Oden back next year.  With Brandon Roy at the 2, Martell Webster at the 3, LaMarcus Aldridge at the 4, and Oden in the middle ... a point guard is the missing piece here, and the likely selection for the Blazers in the middle of the 1st round. 
14.  Denver Nuggets - C Roy Hibbert, Georgetown (Senior) 
A rare sight these days, Hibbert is a productive college player that stayed all four seasons, and he figures to be able to help someone right away defensively and for close to ten points and rebounds a game.  A very fundamentally sound and smart player who will probably never be a superstar, but who will be a very good NBA center for a lot of years. 
15.  Phoenix Suns (from Atlanta) - C Hasheem Thabeet, UConn (Sophomore) 
The Shaq trade told us that Suns GM Steve Kerr felt that the team could not get through the West and win a title with a 4 playing the 5, and Kerr will hedge his bet on Thabeet here with a pick acquired from Atlanta in the Joe Johnson trade of years back.  Thabeet is 7'3, can run the floor, is a defensive presence, and will understudy to Shaq in the valley of the sun as he winds his career down. 
16.  Philadelphia 76'ers - PF Darrell Arthur, Kansas (Sophomore) 
With all kinds of talent at the 1, 2, and the 3 ... the Sixers are a team on the come that needs some bigs, and they should have some nice options here.  Arthur is a talented young big that can play with his back facing or away from the hoop, and should go on to a nice pro career somewhere. 
17.  Toronto Raptors - SG Russell Westbrook, UCLA (Sophomore) 
The Raptors lack depth and star power in the back court and Westbrook should be a helluva pro player.  He's as good a wing defender as there is in college and also has the skills to slide over and play the point. 
18.  Washington Wizards - PF Anthony Randolph, LSU (Freshman) 
One of the real wild cards amongst underclassmen expected to declare for the draft, it wouldn't surprise me to see Randolph go real early based on some of the things I've read about him.  6'11, with great athleticism, defensive presence, yet the ability to run the floor and handle the ball a little ... this is another one of those high upside picks. 
19.  Cleveland Cavaliers - C Robin Lopez, Stanford (Sophomore) 
Good news, bad news for the Cavaliers in this coming draft.  The good news is that this has the makings of one of the deepest drafts in recent history if all of the freshmen listed above declare.  The bad news is that the five elite point guards in this draft will likely be gone when the Cavs pick.  Rose and Bayless will surely be gone.  If Augustin, Collison, and Lawson are as well ... I see the Cavs going big here.  Z is getting old, Big Ben has a bad back and is losing his edge, and Andy is unrestricted after next season.  The other Lopez brother also projects as a solid pro center, and Mike Brown and Ferry will like him because he is a quality kid, hard worker, and a good shot blocker. 
20.  Golden State Warriors - SF Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis (Senior) 
One of my favorite college players to watch, CDR is a slasher supreme, great defender and I just think this kid is going to be a fantastic pro.  Golden State's wide open offense seems perfect for him. 
21.  New Jersey Nets (from Dallas) - SF Chase Budinger, Arizona (Sophomore) 
With D.J. Augustin already in tow to replace Kidd, the Nets take Vince Carter's eventual replacement off the board here with one of the picks acquired from Dallas in the Kidd deal.  Budinger is a long and athletic 6'7 shooting guard that can really stroke it from the outside. 
22.  Orlando Magic - SG Nicolas Batum, France (20 years old) 
Another one of the international players expected to go in the first round, Batum is said to be a smooth wing player with great length, quickness, and leaping ability. 
23.  Utah Jazz - SF Joe Alexander, West Virginia (Junior) 
Set at the point with Deron Williams and up front with Mehmet Okur and Carlos Loozer, the Jazz needs wing players.  Ronnie Brewer has been so-so and Andrei Kirilenko has been injury prone and inconsistent.  Alexander would be a great fit in Utah, and should be a solid pro player. 
24.  San Antonio Spurs - SF Bill Walker, Kansas State (Freshman) 
K State's other super frosh, Walker should be a fine pro in his own right after being overshadowed by Michael Beasley this season. 
25.  Houston Rockets - C Devon Hardin, Cal (Senior) 
The Rockets need a little insurance for Yao Ming in the middle, and Cal's Harvin is another kid that projects as a first round pick and a serviceable NBA center. 
26.  Seattle Supersonics (from Phoenix) - PF Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina (Junior) 
While Hansbrough does not project as a NBA superstar, he does project as a first round pick for someone based on his post moves, touch, and ability to get to the charity stripe.  The Sonics are shedding cap and accumulating good young players and Hansbrough seems like a good fit here. 
27.  Memphis Grizzlies (from LA Lakers) - PF D.J. White, Indiana (Senior) 
Tough, smart, and with a NBA body ... White is another one of those kids that doesn't project out as a star, but should be a nice enough player at the next level. 
28.  New Orleans - PF Joey Dorsey, Memphis (Senior) 
The emerging Hornets one flaw is that they need to get a little tougher insider, and no other player will help that cause down here at the bottom of the first round more than Dorsey.  A bad free throw shooter with average offensive skills, Dorsey is a beast down low, and will be the type of player that will make a defensive impact from day one in the NBA. 
29.  Detroit Pistons - PF Marreese Speights, Florida (Sophomore) 
A bench player for the Gators national title team two years ago, Speights became their go to guy this year, and has the makings of a NBA first round pick, as soon as this summer after just his sophomore season.  Detroit addressed the backcourt in last years draft with Aaron Afflalo and Rodney Stuckey, and will likely address the frontcourt this year. 
30.  Boston Celtics - SG Brandon Rush, Kansas (Junior) 
Rush should be a solid 2 in the pros and would be a nice heir apparent to Ray Allen for the C's here at the bottom of the first round if still available.  Rush can bring the D and shoot the three, and has great size at 6'7.

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