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Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky
What an amazing basketball game last night, as the Cavaliers defeated the Wizards 121-120 in a game Swerb calls one of the best 2-3 games he's ever seen. Swerb also wants to take a step back this morning ... and put in perspective what it exactly is that we are all witnessing.

To history in the making.

Being caught up in a playoff series, at least for me, it’s hard to take a step back and think about what we are watching.

One of the greatest first round playoff series in NBA history, featuring two of the games top superstars.  LeBron and Gilbert Arenas are on pace to become the highest scoring pair of opposing players in a playoff series in the history of this league, which would eclipse a 37 year old record held by Jerry West and John Havlicheck from the 1969 NBA Finals.

Hands down, last night was one of the two or three greatest games I’ve ever seen in twenty five years of being a diehard fan of this team and the NBA.  Blow for blow, shot for shot, King James and Arenas went back and forth like two elite heavyweights landing haymaker after haymaker.  Arenas scores 44.  LeBron scores 45, including the game winner with a second left in overtime.  Simply amazing.

As a guy whose life revolves around the Cleveland sports teams, I fell genuinely gifted to have a chance to be able to drive just 20 minutes to go see LeBron play.  We are witnessing the beginning of what may end up being the most successful and established career in the history of sports. 

In a pre game press conference last night, David Stern warned against the Jordan comparisons.  I say, at least right now, there is no comparison.  Jordan averaged 28, 6, and 5 as a 23-year old rookie.  LeBron is averaging 37, 8, and 6 in the playoffs as a 21-year old.

LeBron James will win multiple championships; I just pray it’s here.  He is simply too good.  Of the twenty greatest players in NBA history, by my count, just about all of them have won titles.  Unlike baseball or football, with just five players playing at one time, a mega-star has a greater impact.  Who’s the best NBA player ever to not win a title?  Pete Maravich?  Karl Malone?  Charles Barkley?  Garnett?  Iverson?  These guys can’t compare to what LeBron is now, and aren’t in the same class with what he will develop into.

What we have seen in this series has been downright mind-boggling for a 21 year old kid’s first foray into the NBA postseason.  We are witnessing a playoff series that we will be talking about 20 years from as the official coming out party of one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports.  37, 8, and 6?  You've got to be kidding me, right?

And he’s all ours.  Born and raised here, LeBron has single handedly put this city and this franchise back on the map.  The jokes about forty two years without a championship will slowly fade, and King James will eventually help this franchise end that streak.

I felt this was a good spot to just take a step back, and put in perspective what we are watching.

We truly are witnesses. 

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