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Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky
The Cavaliers offered LeBron James an extension at 12:01 AM on July 1st. Here we are, six and a half days later ... and still no public comment. Predictably, the local fan base is in full panic mode, and the national media can hardly contain their sheer excitement ... as they have been scheming ways for LeBron to leave Cleveland ever since he was drafted. My take? Chill. LBJ loves the limelight, and will verbally commit in the next couple of days.  Settle down Cavs fans.

LeBron James isn't going anywhere.

As a matter of fact, I fully expect that he will verbally commit to the teams five year contract extension offer in the next couple of days.  Word is ... LBJ's been out in Vegas for the Independence Day holiday, and gets back in town today.

Once he verbally commits on Friday (knock on wood), he will be signed here for six more seasons, and Bron won't get to hear all the Jay Z rumors for at least another four seasons.  He loves those rumors.  He loves hearing his name as the lead story on Sportscenter.  He’s just milking this out.

Bron has many redeeming qualities. Many. He also has a large ego. As he should. He doesn't club hop, smoke doobies on the way to practice, or do drugs in hotel rooms with “dancers”. Hes got a kid.  He likes to play video games.

His high is hearing people talk about him.

As far as I’m converned, let LeBron stroke his ego, milk this out a week, and then airlift him onto an aircraft carrier for the presser with a "Mission Accomplished" sign in the background for all I'm concerned.

And as far as the argument that this "delay" has tied our hands in free agency goes ... I just don't buy it.  Nazr Mohammed would never have come here for similar money with Zydrunas already here, and no one now in the pivot in Motown.  Joel Przybilia was a restricted free agent, and reupped with his previous team, the Jail Blazers.  What other players have switched teams that we have "missed out on"?  Plus, whether or not LeBron verbally commits has not one iota of effect on our ability to sign players.  We have the same payroll and cap flexibility with or without a verbal commitment.  So the argument that our hands have been tied in free agency is a fallacy.

As far as resigning Drew Gooden goes, nothing has been affected with Gooden. If anything, the fact that a couple of the other FA big men have verbals elsewhere makes Gooden even more valuable in the marketplace.  And remember ... the Cavs have to pretend like they feel Drew is the greatest thing since sliced bread, even if it's not what they truly feel. Being a RFA, they want to dissuade teams from making him a substantial offer. Teams don't just make substantial offers to RFA's that they feel will surely be matched. It ties up $$$ and resources for 10 days, and the NBA FA period is not long. Mid July to mid August I think.

I feel the chances are better of the Cavs resigning, then dealing Drew in early fall, after the 60 day window (I think its 60 days) where you can't deal a guy after signing him expires.

I'm tickled pink that this kid wants to stay here, which he has said on several occasions. I'm glad he’s not hangin and bangin with undesirables and abusing drugs and alcohol like many 21 year old professional athletes do.  And if he wants to take this time in the limelight to grandstand a little ... that's fine by me.

The Yankee hat ... we'll work on that.

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