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Indians TCF Authors Samantha Bunten

Samantha was born in Arizona, but grew up in Cleveland. There she acquired the childhood nickname of Buh, after Al Bubba Baker (fortunately not due to any physical resemblance), the requisite chip on the shoulder that all Cleveland fans have, and permanent frostbite from attending Browns games in December. Her love of sports and tendency toward attachment to teams that choke began with the 1986 Browns.

After suffering through The Drive, watching Bill Belichick run her team into the ground while blaming it on Bernie Kosar, and even forcing herself to root for Vinny Testaverde, the Browns rewarded her for her loyalty by leaving town.

Unable to find a suitable replacement NFL team to adopt, she switched her primary devotion to baseball. She has since forgiven the Browns and now splits her time between watching the Indians lose and watching the Browns lose.

Samantha now works in sports journalism full time and has proudly never put the B.A. in Art History that Penn State gave her to any use. She blames Art Modell for her trust issues, her Cleveland Stadium Dog Pound training for the time she got kicked out of a Penn State game for throwing
things, and 10-Cent Beer Night for the fact that she can no longer upgrade her seats at ball games through squatters rights.

Her fastball tops out at 55.

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