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Written by Paul Cousineau

Paul Cousineau
Paul Cousineau's latest column is on the light side, taking a look at the music that each member of the Indians has play when they approach the plate or enter the game from the bullpen. Paul went right to the Indians organization for clarifications on the players tunes, which he lists inside. Paul also links inside to some suggestions for theme music that he has for some of the members of the team. Long-time readers know of my interest in players’ introduction music that borders on the absurd, due to the inconsequence of the matter.

That hasn’t stopped me, however, from making my own suggestions for the songs that should accompany our Tribesman as they stride to the plate or out of the bullpen.

The 2006 suggestions can be seen here and the 2007 list can be seen here. So much time spent on those thoughts...

Well, after spending a few games down at the Jake recently, unable to recognize a number of the beats emanating from the sound system, I went to extreme measures to satisfy my curiosity...I asked somebody.

And so, without further adieu (and thanks to a helpful representative of the Cleveland Indians organization), I present the introductory songs for YOUR 2007 Tribe:

Grady Sizemore - Da Rockwilder - Method Man
Casey Blake - All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
Victor Martinez - Rosalia - Juan Luis Guerra
Travis Hafner – Du Hast - Rammstein
Ryan Garko - This Is Why I'm Hot - Mims
Jason Michaels - Coming Undone - Korn
David Dellucci - Devil's Dance - Metallica
Trot Nixon - Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
Josh Barfield - Go Getta - Young Jeezy
Joe Borowski – Pay to Play – Staind

Interestingly, Peralta and Shoppach do not have set introductory songs and none of the other pitchers have designated music to warm up to.

That seems like such a waste to me, who spends so much time thinking what I would have blaring over the speakers (right now it’s the intro to Can I Kick It? By Tribe Called Quest), but I suppose these guys have “better things to do” with their time.

Obviously some of these are pretty cool (Garko and the Trotter being the first-glance standouts), but I’ll stand by my suggestions from the above links.

If only I could barricade myself in the Jacobs Field Audio Center and run the music for the game...I’d get jiggy with it.

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