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Indians Indians Archive The B-List: 4/20
Written by Steve Buffum

Steve Buffum
 "Insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting a different result." - A. Einstein
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - G. Santayana
"That sucked, too." - S. Buffum

1) This navel thing here is more interesting than you'd give it credit for

Certainly Wednesday night's loss was demoralizing, especially since it didn't take much hindsight to see that Westbrook wasn't sharp and that the bullpen needed to get ready for a collapse, especially with a small lead.  And the Indians, starting the inexperienced Fausto Carmona, prepared for the possibility that Carmona would struggle by bringing up a lefty who had been starting, meaning they were at least planning for a case in which multiple innings of relief might be needed.  So, let's review: you just watched a game where the starter got hammered in the fifth inning trying to protect a lead, and you have a yoot on the mound whom you are at least entertaining the notion that he might struggle with big-league hitters. 

Gotcha.  All set.

Was Carmona sharp through five innings?  No, he was not.  Was he terrible and ineffective and completely overmatched?  No, he wasn't that, either.  He was doing okay.  He induced a lot of ground balls.  He stopped striking guys out.  He hit a guy and walked a guy, but the real problem was that four of the five hits he gave up were for extra bases.  You really have to expect kind of a short leash in that case.

Double.  Groundout.  Homer.  Walk.  Single.  Wild pitch.  Intentional walk.  And THEN Davis is summoned.  Infuriating.

2) Who was the idiot who called for more Jason Davis?

Oh, yeah, that was me.  Not the sharpest outing by J.D.  I would have had him up in the fifth, though, ready to come in with the bases empty (or at least after the first walk), which is an easier situation to settle in to.

3) Like it would have made a difference

In retrospect, the game was lost once the two-run blast in the sixth cleared the fence, because the Indians did dick-all with their bats after that.  The only threat came in the 8th off LaToast Hawkins, and that deserves its own bullet point.  Or pointed bullet, depending on your aggression level.

4) I knew it was the right move!

Aw, hell, I can't even type that with a straight face.  There's visceral, and there's piffulous, and this is the latter.  This having been said, Rafael Perez (I had to look up what R stood for, that's how much an impression he made on me when the callup was announced) was pretty good.  Pretty good?  Hell, he was great.  2 Ks in a perfect inning featuring 8 strikes and 1 ball. Do I know anything else about Rafael Perez?  I do not.  Do I expect to learn a lot about Rafael Perez?  I do not.  Do I expect him to be sent back to Akron on the next Greyhound?  I do.

But nice game, kid, or old guy, or three-toed sloth, or whatever the heck you are, Mr. Perez.

5) Adventures in Bad Coaching

I understand aggressive baserunning.  I'm all for aggressive baserunning.  But here's a hint: being down 9-4 is not substantively different from being down 9-5.  Jhonny Peralta's run would have meant somewhere between Jack and Doodly Squat.  Jookly Squat.  Dackly Squat.  However you want to put it, the important runs were still lounging in the dugout at that point.  So when Travis Hafner smacks a double, you do NOT send Peralta to the plate unless Jeff Conine is actively doing some sort of mechanical repair on his artificial hip and the ball is lying safely on the ground.  From "rally" to "nothing" in one play.  Real men of genius, indeed.

6) Adventures in Bad Run Prevention

I know I just mentioned it yesterday, but giving up a double steal to set up a two-run single is bad.  Giving up a stolen base to Jeff Conine and his artificial hips is inexcusable.

7) Come on, man, the bus is already warm!

I applaud Aaron Boone resilience and his ability to work a walk in the ninth after fouling off three pitches is admirable.  But Broussard and Belliard had just struck out looking: it was time to go, man.

8) He's right, this navel thing is really complex

I'm not saying that bringing Bob Wickman in in the sixth inning is Good Strategy, but when was the last time we saw the Gil-n-Bob show?  Mota has pitched once since April 10th.  Same for Merely Big Bob.  They've become really good at cribbage.  I may not be happy with the construction of the bullpen, but at least it's used poorly.

9) Obligatory Mention Dept.

Eduardo Perez is slugging .792 after his third homer.  Vic hit his 4th bomb to extend The Streak.  Danny Graves has been diagnosed with inflammation of the suck.

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