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The self proclaimed "voice of reason", Jarad Regano, breaks down another disappointing April for the Tribe.

 As we get close to ending another poor April under Eric Wedge, just a few RANDOM thoughts from a “realistic” Tribe fan.  

  • Can Jerry Reinsdorf tell Danny Graves to cut his hair too?
  • I am with everyone on the Brandon Phillips deal.  But on the bright side, this HAS to mean that the Tribe feels that they can sign Belliard after this year (right?).  There are no other middle infield prospects capable of taking over the spot next year (unless they try to sell us Joe Inglett!).
  • Does Eric Wedge have a tad too much to say about personnel decisions?  Remember when he ran out pitching coach Mike Brown the day before opening day?  How about the Milton Bradley fiasco, when the Indians announced they would be trading him by the time the cock crowed three times.  While Bradley had to be moved, the deadline was hilarious.  I am sure Wedge also had a lot to say about Phillips not making the team.
  • Casey Blake is a legitimate major league baseball player so let’s end all future discussions about it.  A guy that will hit you 25 homers from the nine hole who is athletic enough to play 4 to 5 positions should not be a whipping boy.
  • Casey Blake is a poor man’s legitimate baseball player
  • Aaron Boone is a broke man’s Casey Blake.
  • Jason Johnson should give us 200 innings, which is good because…
  • Paul Byrd can’t give us four a night.   
  • Before I dig into my main April tirade, I want to start by saying I do not dislike Jason Michaels and am not upset he is on my team.  But sweet Jesus, he would be a 4th outfielder on my softball team let alone a team trying to oust the World Champs of another central division title.  Name me another American League corner outfielder who has absolutely no speed and absolutely no power?  Can the stat losers out there refrain from telling us things like Jason Michaels walks more than Coco Crisp 30 minutes before and after urinating? These guys are not comparable.  Anyone who says so is a shill.
  • Eduardo Perez is doing what Mark Shapiro thought he would get from Jose Hernandez in 2005
  • Man, I wish we tied up Hafner past 2008. 
  • Jhonny Peralta’s strikeout numbers are a little concerning.
  • Jhonny Peralta is not a #3 hitter
  • Jason Michaels is not a #2 hitter
  • Aaron Boone is not a hitter
  • Does Lou Merloni have to get his average to .450 or .500 to in Buffalo to replace Ramon Vasquez?
  • Will Jason Michaels or Al Michaels have more homers at the All-Star Break?
  • So, the Indians did decide to go back to the one lefty in the pen thing, huh…
  • Forget complaining about middle relief.  When Betancourt comes back we will be fine in the pen!  The problem is not being able to get to Betancourt.  Enter Paul Byrd and Jake Westbrook.  If they could get us to the 7th, it would solve a lot of problems.
  • All this… and we are right where we started at .500

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