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Indians Indians Archive 2010 Indians Top 100 Prospects: Wrapup
Written by Tony Lastoria

Tony Lastoria

Carlos SantanaOver the past two months on this site we counted down the Indians Top 50 Prospects from #50 to #1, with #1 being unveiled a few days ago (I am sure the suspense in regard to who was #1 was killing you).

Anyway, here is a quick recap of the Top 100 listing. Yes, I said Top 100. While the site countdown was the Top 50, my book actually ranked the Top 100 and included an additional 65+ reports. For details on the new book, go here.

Who are the biggest helium candidates to watch out for this year?

In the Top 25, keep an eye on left-handed pitchers T.J. House and Scott Barnes, two young pitchers who I think are going to take a big leap in value this year and jump as many as 5-10 spots in next year’s listing. In the 26-50 range, right-handed pitcher Danny Salazar and outfielder Delvi Cid have serious helium potential. In the 51-100 range, look for shortstop Argenis Martinez and right-handed pitchers Nick Sarianides and Alexander Morales to make the biggest move up the rankings by the end of the season.


Who are some lower level upside guys to watch out for?

Keep an eye on right-hander Santo Frias as if he is healthy this year he still makes for an interesting relief pitching prospect. Catcher Roberto Perez is a guy who improved by leaps and bounds last year, so it bears watching how he does this season. Right-hander Carlos Moncrief has been converted from a pitcher back to an outfielder, a position he drew high praise at prior to the draft, so it will be interesting to see how his season goes.

Who could stumble this year?

This is always tough to predict, but if I had to make an educated guess as to which players in the Top 25 might struggle this year and fall some in next year's listing, I would say my two biggest concerns would have to do with right-handed pitchers Jeanmar Gomez and Jess Todd.  Gomez has never really impressed me, though he is viewed much more highly by the Indians, their fans, and by other publications.  I don't know exactly what it is, but I think it is just that he doesn't show anything special or have great stuff.  I hope I am wrong.  Also, with Todd, I think he could struggle this year going back and forth between Columbus and Cleveland.  Again, it's tough to pick anyone who I think could struggle as ultimately injuries are what typically play a huge part in struggles, and you can never predict injuries.

Who could impact the big league team the most this year?

Obviously outfielder Michael Brantley and left-handed reliever Tony Sipp will both have a big impact on the big league team in some way this year.  But as for minor leaguers yet to make their major league debut, you obviously have to consider catcher Carlos Santana as once he makes it to Cleveland by mid-season he should become a staple in the middle of the lineup for years.  Right-hander Hector Rondon could impact the big league team in some way this year, be it in the rotation or bullpen.  If the Indians find themselves in a situation where they are contending, don't be surprised to see Rondon pitching out of the bullpen to break him into the big leagues.  If first baseman/outfielder Jordan Brown is given a shot, he could add a lot to the lineup, and right-handed relievers Zach Putnam and Josh Judy could be late season additions and become fixtures in the bullpen for years.

Here is the full Top 100 listing as well as a listing showing the top prospects by position.  As a reminder, the scouting reports for #51-100 plus an additional 65+ players are only available in the new 2010 Cleveland Indians Top 100 Prospects & More book.


1 Carlos Santana © 51 Yohan Pino (RHP)
2 Lonnie Chisenhall (3B) 52 Josh Rodriguez (INF)
3 Nick Hagadone (LHP) 53 Adam Miller (RHP)
4 Michael Brantley (OF) 54 Joe Gardner (RHP)
5 Abner Abreu (OF) 55 Neil Wagner (RHP)
6 Jason Knapp (RHP) 56 Paolo Espino (RHP)
7 Nick Weglarz (OF) 57 Santo Frias (RHP)
8 Hector Rondon (RHP) 58 Bryce Stowell (RHP)
9 Carlos Carrasco (RHP) 59 Erik Stiller (RHP)
10 Alex White (RHP) 60 T.J. McFarland (LHP)
11 Kelvin De La Cruz (LHP) 61 Carlton Smith (RHP)
12 T.J. House (LHP) 62 Matt Brown (OF)
13 Jason Kipnis (2B) 63 Ryan Edell (LHP)
14 Tony Sipp (LHP) 64 Argenis Martinez (SS)
15 Jordan Brown (OF) 65 Stephen Head (OF)
16 Alexander Perez (RHP) 66 Chris Jones (LHP)
17 Zach Putnam (RHP) 67 Joey Mahalic (RHP)
18 Lou Marson © 68 Ryan Morris (LHP)
19 Jeanmar Gomez (RHP) 69 Chris Gimenez (UT)
20 Carlos Rivero (SS) 70 Roberto Perez ©
21 Jess Todd (RHP) 71 Greg Folgia ©
22 Scott Barnes (LHP) 72 Ben Carlson (1B)
23 Jason Donald (INF) 73 Lucas Montero (OF)
24 Josh Judy (RHP) 74 Mike Pontius (RHP)
25 Beau Mills (1B) 75 Jason Smit (OF)
26 Wes Hodges (3B) 76 Mike McGuire (RHP)
27 Eric Berger (LHP) 77 Nick Sarianides (RHP)
28 Delvi Cid (OF) 78 Vinnie Pestano (RHP)
29 Cord Phelps (2B) 79 Alexander Morales (RHP)
30 Bryan Price (RHP) 80 Carlos Moncrief (RHP)
31 Matt McBride (OF/C) 81 Jeremie Tice (3B)
32 Trey Haley (RHP) 82 Jerad Head (UT)
33 Danny Salazar (RHP) 83 Dallas Cawiezell (RHP)
34 Chen-Chang Lee (RHP) 84 Brett Brach (RHP)
35 Frank Herrmann (RHP) 85 Steve Smith (RHP)
36 Tim Fedroff (OF) 86 Scott Lewis (LHP)
37 Kyle Bellows (3B) 87 Jose Constanza (OF)
38 Connor Graham (RHP) 88 Matt Langwell (RHP)
39 Clayton Cook (RHP) 89 Preston Guilmet (RHP)
40 Hector Ambriz (RHP) 90 Nate Recknagel (1B)
41 Steven Wright (RHP) 91 Francisco Jimenez (LHP)
42 Josh Tomlin (RHP) 92 Cory Burns (RHP)
43 Jordan Henry (OF) 93 Wyatt Toregas ©
44 Mitch Talbot (RHP) 94 Chun Chen ©
45 Marty Popham (RHP) 95 Ryan Miller (LHP)
46 Rob Bryson (RHP) 96 David Roberts (RHP)
47 Bo Greenwell (OF) 97 Brian Grening (RHP)
48 John Drennen (OF) 98 Vidal Nuno (LHP)
49 Austin Adams (RHP) 99 Jerad Goedert (3B)
50 Donnie Webb (OF) 100 Chris Nash (1B)
Top Prospects By Position
Right-handed Pitchers
Jason Knapp (6) Hector Ambriz (40) Joey Mahalic (67)
Hector Rondon (8) Steven Wright (41) Mike Pontius (74)
Carlos Carrasco (9) Josh Tomlin (42) Michael McGuire (76)
Alex White (10) Mitch Talbot (44) Nick Sarianides (77)
Alexander Perez (16) Marty Popham (45) Vinnie Pestano (78)
Zach Putnam (17) Rob Bryson (46) Alexander Morales (79)
Jeanmar Gomez (19) Austin Adams (49) Carlos Moncrief (80)
Jess Todd (21) Yohan Pino (51) Dallas Cawiezell (83)
Josh Judy (24) Adam Miller (53) Brett Brach (84)
Bryan Price (30) Joe Gardner (54) Steve Smith (85)
Trey Haley (32) Neil Wagner (55) Matt Langwell (88)
Danny Salazar (33) Paolo Espino (56) Preston Guilmet (89)
Chen-Chang Lee (34) Santo Frias (57) Cory Burns (92)
Frank Herrmann (35) Bryce Stowell (58) David Roberts (96)
Connor Graham (38) Erik Stiller (59) Brian Grening (97)
Clayton Cook (39) Carlton Smith (61) Outfielders
Left-handed Pitchers Catchers Michael Brantley (3)
Nick Hagadone (4) Carlos Santana (1) Abner Abreu (5)
Kelvin De La Cruz (11) Lou Marson (18) Nick Weglarz (7)
T.J. House (12) Matt McBride (31) Jordan Brown (15)
Tony Sipp (14) Roberto Perez (70) Delvi Cid (28)
Scott Barnes (22) Greg Folgia (71) Tim Fedroff (36)
Eric Berger (27) Wyatt Toregas (93) Jordan Henry (43)
T.J. McFarland (60) Chun Chen (94) Bo Greenwell (47)
Ryan Edell (63) First Basemen John Drennen (48)
Chris Jones (66) Beau Mills (25) Donnie Webb (50)
Ryan Morris (68) Chris Gimenez (69) Matt Brown (62)
Scott Lewis (86) Ben Carlson (72) Stephen Head (65)
Francisco Jimenez (91) Nate Recknagel (90) Lucas Montero (73)
Ryan Miller (95) Chris Nash (100) Jason Smit (75)
Vidal Nuno (98) Third Basemen Jerad Head (82)
Second Basemen Lonnie Chisenhall (2) Jose Constanza (87)
Jason Kipnis (13) Wes Hodges (26) Shortstops
Jason Donald (23) Kyle Bellows (37) Carlos Rivero (20)
Cord Phelps (29) Jeremie Tice (81) Argenis Martinez (64)
Josh Rodriguez (52) Jared Goedert (99)

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