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Indians Indians Archive The B-List: 9/6
Written by Steve Buffum

Steve Buffum
In todays B-List, Buff reviews last nights loss to the Jays, and psychoanalyzes Jake Westbrooks start. Buff also reports that Jeremy Sowers will make one final start next Tuesday, and continues to track the comeback of his boy Ferd Cabrera. This IS the best daily Cleveland Indians column on the web.
If two mediocre teams play a close game with few baserunners in the last third of the game, does it still qualify as "exciting?"

1) Department of Shattered Dreams

Paul Hoynes reports in the Cleveland Plain Brown Wrapper that Jeremy Sowers will make his last start of the season Tuesday against Kansas City.

Now, 1 start and 6 or 7 innings is probably not a big deal.  This is all precautionary anyway.  He eats right, he gets his rest, he doesn't have a violent delivery.  So why not give him a final home start?

Well, why bother?  Is Sowers instrumental in our late-season push to .500?  Is there no one else who could make this start (hint: there is)?  In the language of risk assessment, the risk may be small, but the payoff is virtually subatomic.  "Can," "should," and "good, worthwhile idea" are overlapping but not identical sets.

By the way, I got a record amount of mail with my off-hand comment that Sowers' start wasn't any better than a decent Westbrook start, and one of them pointed out that the defense was poor (true), while the other noted that Sowers has been more consistent than either Byrd or Westbrook (also true).  My long-term concerns remain, but these points should be noted.

2) Department of Boring Boredom

Jake Westbrook blah blah ground balls blah blah 11 hits blah blah lost.

No, seriously, five of the six innings were quite Jake: 11 hits is a lot in 6 innings, but he only walked 1 and induced two double plays.  In fact, if not for an uncharacteristic run-scoring wild pitch (which put two guys in scoring position for Adams' heroic two-run single), this game goes to extra innings (or at least forces Toronto to bat in the bottom of the ninth).
The fact is, Westbrook gave up 3 runs by giving up consecutive singles to Gregg Zaun, Backup Catcher Extraordinaire, Aaron Hill, who is actually decent but slugs .368, Adam Lind, who was making his seventh major-league plate appearance, and Russ Adams, who

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