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Indians Indians Archive Morning Rundown: Super Jack Has a Super Night
Written by Nino Colla

Nino Colla

hannahanwinThere is a reason we call him Super Mannahan.


August 31st, 2011

Oakland Athletics - 3

Cleveland Indians - 4

W: Frank Herrmann (4-0) L: Josh Outman (3-4)




It was a bit of a reversal there towards the end. After Lou Marson singled to lead off the seven, the Indians didn't do much for a long time. In fact, the Indians were retired 24 times in a row from the seventh inning until the 15th, when Jason Donald doubled to lead off the frame.


While the Bullpen, they had to deal with a lot of traffic and a lot of pressure situations. The 10th inning being the first of those situations when Hideki Matsui singled to lead off and then Coco Crisp stole second as the pinch runner. That created a two on and no out situation that Joe Smith weaseled his way out of with a strikeout and a double play.


Then in the 12th, Chad Durbin in his second inning of relief, had to deal with second and third, one out situation thanks to a fluke double by Josh Willingham. A strikeout and a pop out.


While everyone in the bullpen did fantastic, the hero was most definitely Frank Herrmann. There is virtually no one else left after he comes in and goes four perfect innings, retiring all 12 hitters in a row. A well deserved win to improve to 4-0 on the season for the Professor. Thumbs up Frank, thumbs up.


"Maybe it is our year," said the reliever. "We keep pulling out games in this kind of fashion. Who knows? Maybe it is our year. Maybe things are falling into place."


Herrmann was one of the first out there to mob Jack Hannahan, who had the game winning hit in the bottom of the 16th frame.


Hannahan gets a good portion of the credit on this one though. Super Mannahan is the Super Hero in this one. I mean, look at the headline on Supermannahan! The game was so long, I think everyone, including Jack himself, forgot that he tied the game up with his second home run earlier in the night.


"By the time that at-bat came up," Hannahan said, "I didn't even really remember the first couple hits I had."


It only makes sense though. Jack Hannahan is on some kind of roll right now. He keeps coming up with some big hits, bigger than the ones he hit earlier in the season. Between him and Kosuke Fukudome, who had the other RBI, they are carrying this team with all their big hits.


Hannahan readily admits he is a streaky hitter, but can't remember ever having a streak like this. Probably because this is his best offensive year ever for one thing.


"I've kind of always been a streaky hitter," Hannahan said. "I've had some good months and some bad months. But, no, I can't remember having a month like this."


In the 16th, he was simple looking for a fastball to do something with. He said that even though it ran in on him, he still put a swing on it. It sent pinch runner Cord Phelps around third and home for a close play at the plate. Maybe Bruce Dreckman just wanted to go home because he knew he'd had to be back at the ballpark in another 12 hours, maybe Phelps was really safe, but who cares, right?


Phelps was called safe, the Indians win and that is all that we care about at this point.


"If we're going to play so many games and doubleheaders," Indians manager Manny Acta said, "then we shouldn't be playing 16-inning games. But, as long as we win, it's all good. That's all we're looking for."


Random Details...


Chad Durbin won't be in the running for the Golden Fedora, but he's been downright awesome this month. He had a 1.32 ERA going into last night's action in 13.2 innings of work. Add in the two scoreless frames he threw last night and I'll take it. He had some rough patches this year, but he's come through in big spots this season and last night was just one of them.


I have to imagine with the bullpen doing what they did last night and such an early game today, that the Indians will take full advantage of roster's expanding. Josh Judy and Nick Hagadone can't come up, unless of course someone goes on the disabled list, due to the 10 day rule. That leaves no virtual option on the 40-man roster. Acta claims that an arm or two will be up today for the game. I'm going to venture to say the Indians will find a way to make room for Mitch Talbot on the roster. He's been starting lately with all the starters called up to Cleveland, but is an extra arm in the pen.


In the 10th inning, what was that howling type sound that they played at the game? For anyone that was there, did it sound as creepy and odd as it did through the television?


Coco Crisp wore batting gloves at one point, even this year, did he not? Rick Manning said he never has worn batting gloves. He never did with Cleveland, but I remember him donning them. Both in Kansas City and in Oakland. Even in Boston when he punched James Shields.


Also, he walked two (one was intentional last night) and struck out 15. That's getting the job done.


Jemile Weeks looks a lot like Pokey Reese out there... Actually, more like Royce Clayton. Or both together.


I'm sorry, but Coco Crisp batting gloves, howling noises, Jemile Weeks comparisons, this is what you get when you keep me up past my bedtime with these extra innings games. You are lucky I didn't mention them playing 'Teach me how to Dougie' when Frank Herrmann entered the game. Oh wait, I just did! 500+ pitches? Someone smack me.


And since we are talking about ridiculous things. Those midges were back last night. I love everyone spraying themselves down with bug spray. Sandy Alomar Jr. had it correct though, all you have to do is rub a dryer sheet over your skin. It does the trick.


Finally, it seemed like Rick and Matt were running out of things to talk about too as they started talking about the strikeout meter. It's pretty sad when that ran out of room and you had to reset it. Just saying.




The Grady Man made his first rehab start with the Aeros last night, going 0-for-3 with a strikeout in the leadoff role as the designated hitter. Grady Sizemore will make one more start today in center field and play six innings before returning to Cleveland for a re-evaluation.


Some more good news on the injury front. It appears that Travis Hafner will not miss the rest of the season and is expected to return at some point. There's no timetable, but Acta was optimistic about getting him back before season's end.


"I think we're going to be able to see him again," Acta said. "We don't have a timetable yet, but that's encouraging news to know that he's going to join our club and be able to play again this year."


You can't tell me that the wins as of late probably doesn't have something to do with this. The thinking being that if they can get Hafner back, between Pronk and Thome, they've got one full-time designated hitter. Thome is kept fresh, Pronk is kept from having to play too much.


It sounds as if that he will still need surgery for fix whatever is wrong in his foot, but that he's going to gut it out and play regardless. If that's the case, I'd imagine that timetable will be developed quickly and Hafner is going to be back sooner than we think. Sure a little bit of rest is nice, but if the thought is surgery to completely heal something, then he probably isn't going to get "much" better between now and the end of the season.


Heck, Hafner may have been something like, "Hey, get me back ASAP, no surgery" and given the situation, the Indians might oblige him.


That's all my own little speculation though.


So Hafner, possibly Choo, hopefully Kipnis, and Sizemore, the Indians will probably rely on players getting healthy and activated rather than calling up many reinforcements from Columbus. Not that it will stop them from calling a player up, but you have to remember Columbus is going to the postseason. So for one, they'll need some bodies for that.


But you also have to remember, a large portion of that roster, at least from Opening Day, has been promoted already.


"It's valuable that they're up here, not only learning and playing, but also playing meaningful games in September," Indians manager Manny Acta said. "For some of the guys that probably will get the chance to do it here over the next few seasons, and even the guys who probably aren't going to be here the next few seasons, they'll have that good experience."


It's staggering, but the Indians have had nine rookies on the roster this season, not to mention Nick Hagadone, who will be back when Columbus' season ends and probably will pitch.


I honestly think Matt LaPorta will be back today at some point. You have to think they'll place Shin-Soo Choo on the disabled list (if even retroactively) only to make that move. If it really was a "roster move" more than a "performance move" then you have to think the Indians had this idea in mind when they did it.


The only way for LaPorta to return this quickly is to place someone on the disabled list. If Choo really is going to miss "at least" two weeks, then why not? For the record, he did not play in Columbus last night.


Also, don't forget Trevor Crowe, who will need a 40-man spot, but is really lining up perfectly to be called up to help the team in September.


The Indians will send T.J. McFarland, Matt Packer, Austin Adams, and Tyler Sturdevant (all Aeros) to the Arizona Fall League. The Indians get three position players and maybe a taxi squad guy. They can only select players from the AA and AAA levels, and one from the A level.


Good to see Hector Rondon back in action. It was last year he had Tommy John surgery after missing virtually the entire season trying to rehab the elbow instead. He tossed an inning for the Scrappers last night.


It's a new month, which means we've got to do voting for the Golden Fedora. Check back later this afternoon for the announcement of that. Voting will go up this evening.




I think it's rather special that for the 100th day of Rafael Perez not tweeting, we have a fantastic picture of five members of the Akron Aeros trying to grow out their mustaches in honor of Eric Berger. Thanks Adam Miller.


Days Without a Tweet: 100


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