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Indians Indians Archive Morning Rundown: Tribe Drop Quick Turnaround, Still Claim Series
Written by Nino Colla

Nino Colla

marsonhannahanWho doesn't love a good noon game to start off the month of September?


September 1st, 2011

Oakland Athletics - 7

Cleveland Indians - 0

W: Gio Gonzalez (12-11) L: Fausto Carmona (6-13)




Anyone but Gio Gonzalez. Anyone but that guy, really.


You can't use sleep deprivation or lack of energy as excuses in this one. I'm sorry but both teams had that issue because both were playing past midnight. Sure, Detroit lost and it would have been nice to win so they could take over sole possession of second and inch within four and a half games. But I think Manny Acta put it the best.


"I'd love to win them all," Acta said, "but I can't sit here and complain about these guys taking three out of four from these guys and winning back-to-back series."


Back to Gio Gonzalez. This guy has crushed the Indians. He hasn't given up a run to the Indians in 27+ innings. He has a 0.72 ERA in six starts against the Tribe. He's holding the deed to Progressive Field basically.


"Gio was tough on us again," Acta said. "Even when we have our full deck of cards, he's always tough on us. We don't match up very well with him. He has an overpowering fastball, an overpowering breaking ball. He usually cruises against us, and he did it again today."


The bad part about this, is that it wasn't on television, so I can't really sit here and say "The Indians had no energy! Shame on them!" So what else can I say? They got beat. They had an overpowering opponent on the mound that always seems to dominate them, rain or shine, noon or night, etc.


Gonzalez had four hits and four walks. So he dealt with traffic, but he had seven strikeouts. From what I saw, he buckled down when he needed to and was throwing some wicked breaking stuff to get guys in those tough spots.


So that is logical to assume and that leads me to believe that it wouldn't matter what Fausto Carmona did. And it's not just because Acta said that.


"I felt that Carmona threw the ball very well," Acta said. "He went deep in the game, which we needed for our bullpen. It didn't matter how well he threw the ball, we weren't going to win without scoring any runs."


Carmona did what he had to do. He went six innings, tossed four shutout frames until the fifth. Went into the seventh and that is all you can ask of the guy throwing 95 pitches before it was time to yank him. Then you bring in the two rooks you called up to make their major league debuts and what more could you do at that point?


This was a tough game. Not an excuse, but the Indians probably didn't have the mental energy with all these games to go out there in a quick turn around and take on someone who's had their number. It's understandable. But you are on equal ground with your opponent, even though the A's probably haven't been thrown through quite the gauntlet the Indians have been thrown through with all these games. This is only the beginning though. There's still a month left and the fun has just begun. The only off day left is on September 12th, so it's time to buckle down and not make excuses and just try and win ball games.


You either do, or you don't. And if you don't, you miss the playoffs. So, let's go.


Random Details...


Here's the rub this weekend. We want Detroit to lose this weekend, but we would rather not the White Sox win. That's the problem since they face each other. But that's okay, as long as ground is gained on the top dog. None was gained or lost as the Tigers have pretty much matched the Tribe in wins and losses. The good news, more of the Royals for the Tribe.


That 16-inning game on Wednesday, which bled into Thursday, was the second longest game in Progressive Field history. The Tribe and Twins went 17 innings back in 1995. The Indians won that game too.


Fukudome was on base two more times against the A's, with one of the five hits and one of the four walks. He's hitting .279 with 12 runs scored since arriving in Cleveland and he's hit safely in 14 of his last 21 games.


Lou Marson with two hits and a walk? Of all people....


Who would have thought Corey Kluber's debut would go more smoothly than Nick Hagadone's, especially since Kluber's came in relief. Kluber gave up a pair of hits and a walk, but he didn't surrender a run and struck out a pair. Hagadone meanwhile gave up three runs, but he did only let one run score when he came into a bases loaded situation in relief of Fausto Carmona. So, well done there.


The two hits Kluber gave up were with runners on base. Not an easy situation to come into. So the ninth inning was a lot better to measure him. More on those two later.


Double-strikeout games for Carrera, Hannahan, Donald, and Head. Only two others struck out. Really odd looking box score.


You know, give Carmona some credit. He's walked more than three hitters just once this year and that was in April when he walked four. He's only walked three hitters three times since returning from the disabled list back in July. He's not getting himself into a lot of unnecessary sticky situations because of his control. That's very good.




We all remember how awesome the Bullpen Mafia video was. Well the guys at MLB Fan Cave did it again. You saw the picture of Jack Hannahan in a kilt, now see the video that it was for.


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnahan! Hannahan!


This will be in my head all day. When I'm sitting at work for four hours, I will be singing this song in my head. Somebody, save me.


The Fan Cave video couldn't have had better timing either. Coming off the heels of Hannahan's big night, it was perfect. Lonnie Chisenhall is pretty comfortable watching thing and being a good sport about not playing.


"He's on fire right now, so he's out there playing and I'm cheering him on," Chisenhall said. "It's nice to see the team winning and him playing well."


Speaking of that bullpen, they've been put through quite the gauntlet here lately, but they've stood the test of it all. They got some reinforcements for yesterday's game in the form of Nick Hagadone (who although was optioned out less than ten days ago, was eligible to return with Choo hitting the disabled list), and starter Corey Kluber.


I was a little surprised they decided to use the Choo DL move on Hagadone instead of LaPorta as I mentioned yesterday. But given the 16-inning game, it might have forced them to have to do that.


"I really wasn't expecting to be called up," Hagadone said. "I was actually asleep on the bus and the manager woke me up and told me I was coming up."


The Kluber call is really interesting as well, but I bet it has something to do with the performance he has had this year. Right now he's just extra warm body and that was clear in the situation he came into yesterday. Basically, he's got 40-man status, which right now, the Indians probably value. You have to figure Zach Putnam will need it when he gets called (because I think that is given) so they might not want to waste one on Talbot.


Anyway, the bullpen is firing on all cylinders right now and they've had very few hiccups this year. And they haven't been when you'd expect them or would understand them either. They've persevered through some of these rough stretches where things were difficult and they were called upon to do seemingly impossible things.


"I was thinking, 'It's going a long way, because our bullpen is pretty good, too,'" Indians skipper Manny Acta said. "As long as we kept them at bay, we had a chance."


On the funny and entertaining side, Frank Herrmann:


- Likes pitching at midnight

- Was told by his agent to not mention Red Bull, even though he did in saying he wasn't to mention them.

- Is still pretty freakin' awesome. Thumbs up.


As mentioned, Shin-Soo Choo was placed on the disabled list with the oblique strain that will likely keep him out two weeks. The move was retroactive to August 28th. With rosters expanding and with it being retro to the 28th, there was only real one reason to place Choo there and that was to not have to wait to call someone like Hagadone up.


The way Choo came back last time though, you have to imagine he has a lot of say in how he returns. He already said the following.


"If I swing a bat, I'll know quick," Choo said. "As soon as I swing a bat, if I feel good, I'll be back."


Now when he swings a bat, that will be the question. There was talk of that happening this weekend, but I wouldn't count on the Indians letting him do that.


Part II of the Grady Sizemore Rehab Experience was a success. Sizemore was 3-for-3 in his three at-bats for the Aeros last night. He had a double and played six innings in center field.




It is indeed Follow Friday, which means you need a Twitter account to follow since Rafael Perez isn't worth following. While I will give you one, I do have to point out that Chris Perez is really funny and in case you missed it, he had the ultimate burn. You'll remember he took a dig at his own beloved Hurricanes when they got in trouble. But Chris certainly knows how to dish it out. Me thinks the OSU/Miami game is going to be a big deal, regardless of who is playing, this year for Chris.


In response to Trevor Crowe asking what there was to do in Columbus, Chris Perez simply suggested he "get tattoos."




Follow SB Nation's Jon Bois, because if you like baseball and you like laughing, you will like Jon.


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