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Indians Indians Archive Morning Rundown: Jimenez Falters Late In Loss
Written by Nino Colla

Nino Colla

ujimenez03UUUUUUUUUUUUU... What? No? He lost? How did he lose! He was doing so good. I just wanna UUUUU, let me UUUU please!


September 21st, 2011

Chicago White Sox - 8

Cleveland Indians - 4

W: Mark Buehrle (12-9) L: Ubaldo Jimenez (10-12)




Alright fine, I won't UUUUUUUUUU, even though it's fun. Seven big UUUUU's last night though. It was fun for awhile. The guy ultimately couldn't get out of that seventh and that was really what was the beginning of the end.



Ubaldo Jimenez pitched a great game innings 1-through-6. He was in-line for the win and after the big Travis Hafner home run in the sixth, it seemed like it was on lock from there on out, but that was not the case when Jimenez came out for the seventh inning.


"Ubaldo threw the ball well," Indians manager Manny Acta said. "He had a good fastball. He was able to keep it in the mid-90s the whole game, and he showed probably the best slider he has shown so far."


He simply let it get away from him and it was those weirdos who did it. Morel hits the double and De Aza has the single. You expect some of their heavy hitters to do it to a guy like Ubaldo, but not the guys like Morel or De Aza, so in that aspect it is a little frustrating.


Not only that, Flowers doubled in the fifth for the first run and it happened after another Viciedo single (who started the rally in the seventh too) so the frustration is sort of doubled. Jimenez pitched well. Like I said, from one to six, he was making work of the White Sox lineup. But so was Buehrle. Other than that big shot by Hanfer (which was more of a high pop that carried over the fence more than anything), he was solid.


"He did what he does best," Acta said. "He tries to keep guys off balance, and he did that very well today."


He always is solid though, isn't he? On this night, he ended up being solid enough to win, which is great. Ubaldo needs to be more than solid though. Given the situation he was put in (a 2-1 lead in the seventh) I would expect the ace of my staff to shut that down. I'd expect him to say, "Okay, it's my ball game now."


Big U didn't do that and it is rather disappointing. He said it was the best game he pitched since the trade and that he felt really good. He may have felt good and like he pitched a great game, but there were enough blemishes late in this one to make it just a mediocre game.


And that's really what it ended up being. Yes he looked good and he said he felt good, but we need to start seeing results as we head into next year. They've been coming through in a few starts here, but this guy is an ace and he needs to pitch like one.


Random Details...


De Aza and Morel... Seriously?


Chad Durbin, it was nice knowing ya. That experiment is over, right? Enjoy your last few days as a Bullpen Mafia member. It's been great, but it's also been bad and that was the problem.


If I told you the Indians struck out only four times last night, would you believe me?


Yes, because Mark Buerhle was pitching. Does that guy find a way to win or what? He notched 12 last night and still has his ERA under 4.00. Those guys are not studs, but they are consistent and someone every rotation should has. He's a winner. It's really what I think Josh Tomlin can be.


Eight hits and no one had more than one. So all but two starters (Duncan and Crowe) had one in the hit column, with Zeke nabbing one off the bench.


The post-game press conference with Manny Acta was pretty. Bore. It sounded like a two-way dialog between Acta and Hoynes. Might as well not have one at all, right? Hoynes had some real stupid questions and Manny actually sounded a little perturbed.


And now I present to you, a new and one-time feature. Thoughts about the White Sox lineup.


Hey I call Alexei Ramirez, Alex-I.. Because that's what he wants to be called. So do it. Do it. DO IT.


Remember when Alex Rios was Alexis? I do. Haha Alexis. An negative-s away from Alex-I. Oh and he has braces.. Did you see that? Huh? Did you, did you?


Never trust a man named Flowers.


Adam Dunn really sucks this year, doesn't he?


When did David Beckham start playing baseball?


How is A.J. Pierzynski someone who still hits near .300?


/End of observations. Thanks...




No Josh Tomlin after all. The Indians saw his rehab and apparently saw enough.


"Once we fell out of the race, we were not just going to call off his rehab," Acta said. "After he finished everything and felt well, it makes no sense for him to pitch another game."


Tomlin completed his rehab with a simulated game on Tuesday. He tossed 45 pitches and the Indians felt he was healthy enough, so they shut him down to risk any set back. They want him healthy going into the offseason, but wanted him to finish his recovery process. Of course after seeming like he'd get back out there, Tomlin needed some talking to and convincing, but he certainly will come around with the bigger picture in mind.


"The positive was feeling good today after that simulated game yesterday," Tomlin said. "Right now, I just want to be healthy going into the offseason."

With Tomlin out, the start will go to Mitch Talbot, who will be returning after a lengthy stint with the Clippers ball club. Talbot said the demotion got him going.


"It's kind of something to get you going. You realize you have some stuff to work on and you kind of get humbled a little bit and get going on fixing things."

"You're wondering if you're ever going to get it back or if you're never going to be good again," Talbot said. "But we figured things out and I have been good again."

Mitch had a 4.62 ERA for Columbus, seven of his appearances were starts and he's apparently made some mechanical adjustments that I'm sure many are eager to see.


Tomlin out, Talbot up, hopefully Asdrubal Cabrera back on Thursday. The shortstop felt better yesterday and hopes to be back out there, going as far as saying he think he'll start, for sure. Acta said yesterday that it would depend on how he comes in today.


"He could be used if we have to," Acta said. "I'm anticipating giving him the day today and then playing him tomorrow if he shows up even better than today."

Cabrera said he feels normal, so maybe the strained back he suffered was just a momentary twitch.


Keep mentioning Jason Donald, who had another base hit and a walk last night. He's the hands down front runner and I'd go as far as saying he's locked up a bench spot for next year. He is certainly taking advantage of the opportunity right now with players hurt and banged up and all the open playing time.


The guy deserves it. He was going to have his chance to start the season at third base and that was taken away from him.


"When I was going through some of that stuff, the main goal was to get healthy," Donald said. "I wasn't looking too far down the line, because I think that just causes more frustration. You want to be out there playing."


It is good to see him back healthy and doing what we all thought he could do. We need to see something out of that Cliff Lee trade, right? Who would have thought it would be Jason Donald and Lou Marson.


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