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Brandon Inge  Tribe 2007 Season Starts Today

Brandon Inge’s helpless at bat against Adam Wainwright sent cheers across Missouri as the Cardinals clinched their first series title in over 20 years.  Similar sentiments should have been felt throughout Northeast Ohio.  A Cardinal celebration on the infield signaled that the 2007 Cleveland Indian season had begun.  No, not the season that ended a month ago.  Those were just games that were played because they had to be played.  I am referring to the one that ended in early June, complete with broken promises and unspent cash flow.

Now, with the World Series decided, the wheels are turning for Mark Shapiro and company.  This is the time that will either ensure or destroy a pennant race next summer.  Opening day is not in early April.  Opening day is today.

My advice?  Enjoy it!  Bask in the uncertainty.  Take in every rumor.  And follow a few easy steps to help yourself get ready:


Last year was last year, so lets give it a pass for the time being.  Haven’t you ever wasted a month trying to convince the most popular guy in Hawaii to move his family to Anchorage where no one knows or appreciates him?  Well, maybe not, but let bygones be bygones.  Lesson learned for this year, right?


We all have the 3pm press conference on January 11th penciled into our day planners.  You know, the one on WTAM that introduces Adam Kennedy as our first free agent acquisition of the winter?  Complete with Mark Shapiro grinning ear to ear?  Forget about it.  Enjoy the national rumors that lists the Indians as one of 15 teams who have contacted Alfonso Soriano.  Print out the CBS rumor mill that links the tribe and Manny Ramirez.   


Yes, it is disheartening when your general manager tells you (and isn’t lying) that he has no idea what he is allowed to spend this offseason.  And yes, it is even more disheartening when this is told to you DURING this offseason.  Give yourself a break.  Refrain from any Mark Shapiro interviews until the first of the year.   

If we all follow the above advice, we can be in for a very pleasant two months.  It is a great time to be an Indian fan.  The organization HAS to know that something big has to happen for them.  They have to know that THEY need to make it happen.  Life in the AL Central is not going to get any easier.   

So lets all have fun.  Pray for the best, and don’t worry about the worst until after the holidays.  Sit back, relax, and give the front office two months to shock us back into buying six dollar beers.

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