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J.D. Shultz is a comedy / entertainment writer currently based in Los Angeles. He's originally from Ohio, but you probably could've guessed that. (As hard as it is to believe, California natives aren't falling over each other to become fans of a city 2,000 miles away, whose sports teams haven't won anything in 45 years.)

Since J.D. is a Cleveland fan at heart, he can't adopt the sexy, local teams . . . it just isn't a real option. (So Cleveland forever it is!) It's sort of like when the Washington Bullets wanted to change their name in 1997, and they allowed their fans to vote on these five new names: The Dragons, The Express, The Stallions, The Sea Dogs, and The Wizards. (Yeah, the Washington Sea Dogs was a choice.) (???)

The final tally was something like: The Dragons (0%), The Express (0%), The Stallions (0%), The Sea Dogs (0%), The Wizards (.01%), and the write-In selection "Uh, let's just stay the Bullets" (99.99%). But that just wasn't a real option. (So Wizards it was!) J.D. is excited to be a contributing Cavs writer for The Cleveland Fan . . . but if you just can't get enough of his undeniable amazingness here, hit up his Cavs blog at

Oh, and don't forget to write. J.D. : feedback :: LeBron James : Akron

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