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ilovecollegepartiesA tough task for college party planners is to come up with a party theme that is fun and unique. Toga parties and disco themed parties are tired old ideas. Here are a few suggestions for unique party themes that really rock.

I'm Glad I'm Not _________

See, you were hooked at the name. Guests to the party must dress as the thing they most don't want to be. Ideas for dress can be from a pocket protecting, bow tied nerd to a fat person created with lots of padding. It's a fun way to have a costume themed party that forces everyone to use their imagination.

A Night in Monaco

Formal attire please! Set aside small tables covered in green felt. At each table have a casino game such as Black Jack or craps. At one table set up some laptops all tuned to an online bingo game. Make sure that you give poker chips to everyone as they come in. Prizes can be small gift certificates to the favorite campus coffeehouse. Sometimes, college organizations, fraternities and sororities run fundraisers. It's to turn the theme into a fundraiser just by having an admission price (and a bank) for guests to buy chips. Non-card players can enjoy the casino games online and off - Online bingo on Jackpotjoy is a good game to bring everyone closer.

Seven Deadly Sins Theme Party

Every college guy is looking for a way to make great looking girls even better looking. Well, the Seven Deadly Sins Party is the way to go.

The party's theme is sin - decorating is easy (think apples, vines and snakes as the motif) and dressing for it is fun! Girls can choose Lust or Envy as their sin theme and dress as slutty as they like - the more skin the better. Guys can dress down, super casual (sloth). Gluttony works for both sexes and you can recycle the "fatty" costume from the I'M Glad I'm Not ________ " themed party.
Black Light/Graffiti Party

Alone either idea is fun but not unique. Combined is a new kind of party. Guests are told to wear white clothing items that are replaceable. The party area needs to be decorated with black lights. Under the black lights everyone will glow. After everybody has gotten to know one another reveal the reason for replaceable clothes. Hand out to your guests markers that are sensitive to black light and have guests draw graffiti on each other. Prizes can be awarded to the person with the best or most graffiti and also to the best graffiti artist. To win the artist award graffiti work must be signed.

High School Stereotypes

Most of us were in a clique when in high school and your clique hated every other clique. This party is really an adaption of the I'M Glad I'm Not ________ " party theme but more restrictive. Guests must wear a costume that is "over the top" in mocking one of the well-known high school stereotypes such as:

    Marching Band Member
    Drama Queen
    Whatever Else You Think Of

Only your imagination can limit party themes. But themed parties are great fun, themed parties with games are even more fun.

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