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Buckeyes Buckeye Archive The Descent Of Maurice Clarett Continues
Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky
Simply amazing. Maurice Clarett, arrested early this morning in Columbus with four loaded guns in his SUV after fleeing police and then trying to resist arrest. The officers had to use mace on Mo C, because their stun guns were rendered ineffective by the bulletproof vest Clarett was wearing. Yes, you read that last part right. I've got all the latest here in this report.  Four years ago LeBron James and Maurice Clarett were both high school seniors, and it appeared the pair had the world by the tomatoes.  Most people, including me, thought that the pair would end up being two of the most dynamic talents in all of sports in due time.  Both local products, both the same age ... I was excited to see how it would develop.

The two have gone in exact opposite directions with their lives.  LeBron should have been the NBA MVP last season at age 21, and led the Cavaliers to a 50 win season and near Eastern Conference Finals berth.  He has surrounded himself with good people, and has made excellent business decisions.  He is poised to become one of the greatest athletes in sports history, and will eventually become the first "billion dollar athlete" financially.

Maurice Clarett has now officially hit rock bottom at the ripe young age of 22, and his sports career is over.  Finished.  And he's likely headed to jail for a considerable amount of time.

Clarett, currently awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery, four counts of robbery, and one count of carrying a concealed weapon ... was arrested again early this morning.  After a highway chase with Columbus police last night, Clarett was found in possession of four loaded guns in his SUV.

The chase started with Mo C making an illegal U-turn, and ended with Clarett darting across the median on Interstate 70, then finally running over a spiked strip placed on the highway, which flattened the drivers side tires of Clarett's vehicle.  It took several officers to detain the highly uncooperative Clarett, who attempted to resist arrest.  Complicating matters for officers was the fact that their stun guns were rendered ineffective due to the fact that Clarett was wearing a bulletproof vest.  Yes, that's right ... a bulletproof vest.  Officers finally detained Clarett with the use of mace.  Police then discovered three loaded handguns and a loaded rifle in Clarett's SUV.

After scoring the winning touchdown in the Buckeyes 2002 national championship victory over the Miami of Florida Hurricanes, things have gone downhill quickly for Clarett.  He was forced to sit out the Buckeyes 2003 season after falsifying a police report, then tried to sue the NFL to be allowed to enter the draft early, and lost that lawsuit.  Maurice then insisted on an incentive laced contract with no guaranteed money with the Denver Broncos after being selected by them in the third round the following year.  Clarett was then cut in training camp by the Broncos, which is virtually unheard of for any player picked that high in the draft.  Then, on New Years Eve this past year, Clarett was arrested outside of a Columbus night club after flashing a gun and attempting to rob two people before fleeing the scene.


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