Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky


~ Go to "Articles", then click on "New Article". You'll see a simple HTML editor. Add a title and cut and paste the text in there. Standard font for columns is Arial 10.

~ Save any pictures you want to use for the piece to your hard drive. To add them to the column, click on the little icon with what looks like a green tree. Once that pops up, there is an icon on the right (above the word "details" with a picture of a green arrow pointing up. Upload the pic and format it. Only three settings with the pic you will need to enter:

The "dimensions" - If portrait, standard I have used is to put "220" in the first box and tab through the second. If landscape ... "260" in the first box and tab through the second. Always tab through the second dimension box and it will ne automatically configured.

The "alignment" - If you want the pic to show exactly where the cursor is when you hit the upload icon, do nothing. If you want it on the right, align it right. If you want it where I place TCF pics currently, put the cursor in the home position and select "right" alignment.

The "margin" - Enter "2" in the first box and tab through.

You must enter at least one picture into the body of all columns, as we need a pic in the body so it can feed it to the front page teaser for that column. The front page will pull the top pic in the story.

~ Perform any other formatting you want to on the column. It's not necessary. Some people do more of this than others. Things like bolds, italics, hyperlinks ... should all carry over when you cut and paste the piece into the HTML editor.

~ ONE OTHER IMPORTANT THING: On all columns you load, you must enter the "read more" page break. It is the icon on the bottom row, second from the right. This MUST be entered under the top picture posted for the column. Also, enter this at the end of a line of text (after the period). If you enter it in between two lines of text, it will add an uncomfortable looking space between the two lines of text. Where you enter this break will determine where the "read more" link will display on the team specific (Browns, Indians, Cavs, etc) pages. The "read more" link is automatically entered on the front page after like word 70 of the piece. If this "read more" page break is not entered, it will display the entire column on the team page and jack up the formatting.

Alright, lastly ... the bottom section under the column ...

~ Pick the "section". Browns, Indians, Cavs, Buckeyes, Movies, Boxing, General, etc. This will default populate the box below it, "category". No need to do anything else in the "PUBLISHING" section.

~ METADATA - leave it all blank. The system fills it in automatically.

~ Lastly, make sure to save the piece by clicking the "save" button on thr top right corner of the page. If you want to review the piece or edit the piece, go back to the articles page and click the edit icon. Also, after the piece is loaded and activated on the front page of the site, authors will still have the ability to edit it by clicking on the edit icon located on the top right of the column.

ANY questions, feel free to ask me at any time via text, phone, or email to this email or rswerbinsky@ffl.net. This sounds like a lot, but the whole process takes a minute or two max, and by the 3rd piece, you'll never need the tutorial again.