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Browns Browns Archive NFL Outsider - Week Thirteen Picks
Written by Chris Hutchison

Chris Hutchison

BradyHokePertaining the game that actually matters this weekend - the Buckeyes should handily beat the Wolverines.  I will say no more about it for fear of unleashing my jinx powers, but let's hope Urban makes the margin of victory roughly equal to the number of pounds by which he is outweighed by Brady Hoke.

In other news, the Muddy Colors of Cleveland play the Spotted Cats of Northern Florida this weekend in what is sure to be an EPIC battle, and, yes, I know, you've come here for gambling advice.  Rest assured, you are in good hands.  Well, mediocre hands, at least.

Let's get down to it.  The Muddy Colors are bad, but this is Jacksonville they're playing.  Brandon Weeden is the opposite of good, but he beat the Buffaloes, and this is Jacksonville they're playing.  Cleveland is likely to win only one or two more games the entire season and "earn" yet another high draft pick, but this is Jacksonville they're playing.

The Spotted Cats have played better of late, beating such juggernauts as the Titans and the Houstons on their way to their way to a stellar 2-9 record.  That however should not be construed as an assessment that they are playing well or have any talent at all.

Cleveland is favored by a TD in this one, which is unfortunate, since that screams "split", so my official advice is to lay off this dog.  But if you had a crossbow to my head, I'd say... take the Jags.  Yeah, I know what I said above; I just can't in good conscience recommend betting on the Browns in any situation from here now until Fall 2014.


Picks-wise, the participants returned to form, with BT cruising up to 39-33 (54%), a decent number if he were a professional gambler.

Last Week:

BT: 5-1
MO: 4-2
Me: 3-3
DJC: 2-4


BT: 39-33
Me: 37 - 35
MO: 33.5 - 38.5
DJC: 29-43

This week's games (lines provided by

OSU -14.5 at Michigan
Alabama -10.5 at Auburn
ND +14 at Stanford
UCLA +3.5 at USC
Texas A&M +4.5 at Mizzou
DEN -4.5 AT KC
TB +8.5 AT CAR
STL +9.5 AT SF
NE -7.5 AT HOU


I really want to pick Ohio St.  But not going to skidappa them.  I would LOVE for them to run it up.  Go for 2 and shit like that.  Hang a hundo on them if we can.  But I’ll settle for half a hundo (50).

Auburn +10.5 vs Alabama - Auburn getting 10.5 points at home in a meaningful rivalry game (the Iron Bowl)?  As my Auburn friends say WAR EAGLE!!

USC -3.5 vs UCLA - The Trojans at home I guess are better than I thought.

DEN -4.5 at KC - Denver will not lose 2 in a row.  And they’ll cover.

MIN -1 vs CHI - I love purple and I love Adrian Peterson.  Vikings over the “circling the drain Bears”.  LOCK OF THE WEEK!

SD -1 vs CIN - San Diego establishes themselves as WC contenders and not pretenders.  Lightning Bolts over the Bungholes.

LOCK - Minnesota


OSU -14.5 at Michigan - OSU by 50. LOCK IT IN! GO BUCKS!

Mizzou -4.5 vs Texas A&M - A&M can't stop anyone on defense.

DEN -4.5 at KC - Didn't these teams just play each other?

BUF -3.5 vs ATL - Can the season get worse for Atlanta?

STL +9.5 at SF - STL will cover.

LOCK - Ohio State


Auburn +10.5 vs. Alabama – I might hate Nick Satan more than anyone else, but for a rivalry game on the road, it’s a lot of points.  The Football Gods also hate me and they are ripe to ruin what would be an entertaining Alabama vs. FSU national title game, a national title game I might actually watch.

DEN -4.5 at KC – Peyton’s pissed.  Plus its over 40 degrees.

JAX +7 at CLE –Who’s playing quarterback for the Browns?  Do you know?  Does it matter, or has the drain towards the #1 pick begun?  This is painful, but this is my LOCK.

BUF -3.5 vs. ATL – Matty Ice in the cold, even so, Bills.

ARI +3.5 at PHI – Can Philly really win four in a row?  Plus this year the bye week seems like the kiss of death.

LOCK - Jacksonville


CHI +1 at MIN - I know the Bears struggled some last week, but the Rams are a decent team deep down, and the Vikes just aren't.

MIA +1.5 at NYJ - There's no way in hell the Fins should be getting points against the Jets, I don't care where they play.

BUF -3.5 vs ATL - This game is essentially even despite the fact that the Hunting Birds have long since packed it in?  And the game is in chilly Buffalo?  Weird line.

STL +9.5 at SF - The Lambs have played well as of late, and usually play the Gold Diggers tough anyway.  9.5 is a lot.  Lock this one.

NE -7.5 at HOU - Yeah, when you lose at home to the Jacksonvilles, you have given up.

LOCK - St. Louis


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