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Browns TCF Authors Richard Hanes

Rich's love for Cleveland and Ohio sports was instilled in him at an early age by his father.  He was brought up with the Browns, Tribe, Cavs, and Buckeyes.  He was taught to despise the Steelers, Yankees, Michigan, and Elway.  Throughout Rich's thirty years on this earth he has experienced untold amounts of sports pain and suffering.  Being a Clevelander and Cleveland fan is not for the meek of heart as you often have to root for teams that are "Good enough to lose the big game."  Through this sports pain a very passionate and opinionated sports fan was formed.  Rich has been looking for a home to share his thoughts on the Cleveland sports scene and he has found that home at  Rich is looking forward to sharing his thoughts, opinions, and sports emotions with all of the readers out there.  Rich believes there are very few feelings in the world better than experiencing your team winning with a walk-off home run or game winning shot.  Especially when you are there in person and you can feel it about to happen.  Everyone in that stadium believes together.  Rich lives for searching out those moments and wants to share those thoughts through his writing.
Rich is married to @CLEFoodGoddess on twitter, has a Siberian Husky named Lexi, and lives on the west side of Cleveland.
Rich is a five time participant of the World Championship of Fantasy Football held annually in Las Vegas.
Rich is the host of "This City", "Fast Break", and "Fantasy Focus" on  You can listen to Rich's takes on the city of Cleveland including topics outside of sports on This City from 9-11 PM ET every Tuesday.  You can also catch Rich's takes on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Fast Break from 9-11 on Wednesday nights.
Rich can be reached @BurnRiverSports on twitter and on email.

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