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Nino Colla

CarsonWalkoffAll I can replay in my head this morning is, "Who is Karim Garcia..."

Why? Because I keep replaying Matt Carson's hit. Like, who is Matt Carson? Really, we don't know the guy. It isn't a slight on him like "Who is Karim Garcia" is on Karim Garcia. And Karim Garcia might be a fine gentleman.

And we know Matt Carson is, based off what people say. But we don't really know him. All we know is that he came up with one of the biggest hits of this 2013 Cleveland Indians season.


W: Bryan Shaw (5-3)

L: Rhiner Cruz (0-2)


So let's learn a little bit about the guy. Didya know he is 32 years old? Did ya? Cause he is. Yeah he's a oldie, but young in major league years. He attended BYU, rawr, cougars.

He was a Yankee draft pick in 2002, in the fifth round. He's from California.

He's a gothic dad, who likes heavy metal... Wait a second here..


Adam Burke

callawayIt really doesn’t take a whole lot to figure out why the Indians are in a playoff race deep into September. Big money free agents Nick Swisher, who has gotten going of late, and Michael Bourn are having more of a supplemental effect on this season’s playoff chase. The bulk of the credit goes to the starting pitchers and pitching coach Mickey Callaway. The dramatic turnaround for the Indians, both in the team’s record and in the starting pitchers’ performance, is one of the least discussed, yet most impressive notes of the 2013 season.

The 2012 Indians rotation was historically bad. The rotation ranked 28th in ERA (5.25), 27th in fielder-independent pitching (FIP) (4.73), 29th in strikeout percentage (K%) (15.3%), walked the third-most batters (BB%) (8.7%), and allowed the ninth-most home runs per nine innings (HR/9) (1.19). Those were incredibly bad numbers, but the reasons were clearly evident. The Indians’ starters didn’t miss enough bats, allowed too many home runs – likely from pitching behind in the count so much – and walked too many batters.


Al Ciammiachella

KipMeaningful baseball in September…when asked in March of this year what I’d be happy with out of the 2013 Indians, I said meaningful baseball in September. Well, we’re being treated to that and more, as the Indians are playing not only entertaining and meaningful baseball, they’re on track for a playoff spot and have a chance to play meaningful baseball in October this season. It’s a remarkable turnaround from 2012’s iteration of the club, as gone are Casey Kotchman, Jack Hannahan, Shelly Duncan, Johnny Damon, Shin Soo Choo, Travis Hafner, Jose Lopez, Zeke Carrera, Jason Donald, Brent Lillibridge, and Aaron Cunningham, all players who got more than 100 AB with the 68-94 Indians. New additions Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn, Drew Stubbs, Jason Giambi, Mike Aviles, Yan Gomes, and Ryan Raburn have replaced them, and between the improvement in personnel and the switch from Manny Acta to Tito Francona, the Indians have already won 12 more games this season. The levers pulled by Chris Antonetti and Mark Shapiro have resulted in a much more consistent club this year, and as we wake up to enjoy our Sunday morning cup of coffee, here they sit, just 1 1/2 back from a playoff spot. As much as people want to shovel dirt on them with every loss, the team just keeps bouncing back off the canvas to answer the bell and climb back in the race. It’s been an awful lot of fun to watch this team this season, and they’re not done yet.


Nino Colla

MBournI have a little bit of a sore throat this morning. Normally I'd blame my allergies, which are not fun to deal with at this time of the year. But I know exactly why there's a little raspiness.

I did nothing short of scream in my motor vehicle last night. You see, I wasn't able to be home for a portion of the game, so I naturally listened to it on the road in my car. That is never a good thing, because when I'm in that confined space, I'm more likely to yell and holler at the game. It didn't help that so much was on the line.

If I'm at my apartment? Oh no, don't worry, I'll let out a "COME ON!" or something of the sorts. But in the car? Forget about it.


W: Cody Allen (6-1)

L: Wade Davis (7-11)

S: Chris Perez (25)



Nino Colla

TribeRoyalsThey don't call him Big Game James for nothing. They also don't call it a strike ZONE for nothing. There was a multitude of things last night. This is playoff baseball though, so no excuses. Onto the next one today, but let's take a quick look back at last night.


W: James Shields

L: Scott Kazmir


I know I said no excuses, but that's why I have to lead off with this.

HOLY SMOKES was that umpiring crew all-around horrible last night. Look, umpire's have their own strike zones, that's fine. Not one is the same. But at least make sure it is same the entire night. That's all a hitter and a pitcher asks for.


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