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Adam Burke

0HRPorchViewTo call the Major League Baseball draft a crapshoot is an understatement. Teams do tons of scouting, sending their scouts all over the country to look for talent that can be projected to the big leagues. Baseball is the only major sport with four levels of minor leagues, and that doesn’t even include instructional leagues at teams’ Spring Training complexes. The odds of making it to the Major Leagues AND having an impact are much, much smaller in baseball than in any other sport.

Luckily, instead of doing all of the work myself, I can poach a tremendous write-up on the 2002-06 drafts from Bless You Boys, the SB Nation blog of the hated Detroit Tigers. Rather than regurgitate the entire piece, which is great and I recommend that you read, I will highlight some of the most pertinent stats:


Adam Burke

asdrubalLike most Indians fans, I have spent the majority of this season being frustrated with Asdrubal Cabrera. The subject of plenty of trade talks this past offseason, Cabrera is having one of the worst seasons of his career at the most inopportune time. Not only has his performance negatively affected an Indians team that is in contention for a playoff spot, but it would seem to have lowered his trade value.

A little over a month ago, I looked at Asdrubal Cabrera’s plate discipline statistics and noticed that he was chasing more pitches outside the zone and taking too many pitches in the zone. I pointed to that being the chief problem with Cabrera’s season and that may still be the case. But, while digging a little bit deeper, I found another thing that has hampered Cabrera this season, and it’s definitely not his fault.


Nino Colla

SwishStrugglingSorry for the run of inactivity lately, I know you missed the rundown in your mornings. But my mornings have been starting pretty early, which never really jive well when you are dealing with a team playing on the west coast. Hard to write when you sleep, eh?

That was last week, this week was a few different things, from the off day on Monday to not feeling well Tuesday, things have just been hectic around these parts. But I'm back and ready to go for this stretch run. And we've got a lot to talk about.


W: Kris Medlen (11-12)

L: Ubaldo Jimenez (9-9)

S: Craig Kimbrel (43)


Are the Indians struggling offensively or the Braves that good of a pitching team? 


Adam Burke

0HRPorchViewExpanded replay is coming to Major League Baseball. In the social media age of instant information, there have finally been enough damning screenshots to get Major League Baseball to institute policies to fix the blown call epidemic affecting the sport. Whether you agree or disagree with the policy, which will involve manager challenges similar to the current NFL replay system, anything is a step above the human element impacting the game with incorrect calls.

While said slightly in jest, the above point about screenshots and .gifs highlighting umpire mistakes before the game is over has made an impact. Perhaps more than that, players and managers have made their feelings known in interviews or in Twitter rants, essentially forcing Commissioner Bud Selig and the owners into action.

Interestingly, as Colin Wyers of BaseballProspectus noted on Twitter yesterday, the proposed changes would take effect in the final year of a five-year agreement between Major League Baseball and the World Umpires’ Assocation. As Wyers points out, the institution of replay would have to fit within the collective bargaining agreement signed back in 2010. By having the trial period of instant replay completed in 2014, MLB has plenty of leverage for replay expansion when they negotiate with the umpires on a new collective bargaining agreement for 2015. This is a situation to keep an eye on because it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see some sort of lockout or strike in 2015.


Nino Colla

SKazmir03Who would have thought it is Ubaldo Jimenez that was claiming a spot in the rotation and showing he is worth keeping in that spot and Kazmir showing some vulnerability?

The Indians are now in an interesting position. They're 4.5 back and coming off a series with a team that is leading the spot they're chasing. It wasn't a total failure and if the Indians can find a way to pull of a sweep, you'll take a 6-3 road trip. And even if they win two, 5-4 isn't so bad either if you can go home and finish out the week strong against the Twins.

A lot of people want to lament the fact that the team just lost this series. A lot of people are calling them dead, but I guess I just don't get it. This team is above .500 and with two wins will match last year's win total. This team isn't dead. This team is so much further ahead than last year's team. This is a new era. There's faces that weren't around last year, a manager who is new and bringing a fresh attitude and new set of accountability due to the respect he commands. 

I feel like a broken record. But if you think this is the same old story, and you aren't enjoying this summer, then man, why are you watching this team with a miserable outlook?


W: Dan Otero (2-0)

L: Scott Kazmir (7-6)


Scott Kazmir is a perfect example and a great representative of this team. Do not sour on him after the season he's just had because of some of the starts he's had recently. 


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