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Nino Colla

MattCarsonCelebrateThis is it people. This is freaking it. If you don't make it a point to go down to the ballpark for one of the final home games in the next two weeks, you need to stop this charade. You either support this team or you get off the bandwagon. If you don't have the means, I understand, I don't either. I'm lucky enough to have tickets to Sunday's game. But do EVERYTHING you can. Heck, I might start putting pennies away for a possible postseason game. If you can't be there, throw your heart into it on television and show how much you care. Forget about the Browns. They'll be losing games on Sunday in six weeks in the same fashion that they are right now.

This team is primed for a spot in the postseason. This isn't going to line up any better for a team. They've seemingly caught fire at the right time, have the most favorable schedule out of any team left in the wild card race, and they have the most well equipped manager for this situation.

I'm running the Akron half-marathon in less than two weeks. It is tough and everyone tells me that the last mile is tough. But you know what gets someone through that last mile? That last little bit? The people cheering at the finish line. The people encouraging you, telling you that you can get to the finish.

If you aren't all in right now, I don't know what you need. You asked for more support financially, you got it. You asked for a competitive team, you got it. you asked for everything you've been given so far to get out there this season and show your backing. This team isn't going anywhere this year, they're in the race. It's time to go out and support them to the finish line and let them know that they can do it.

Because damnit, this team can do it.


Jeremy Klein

wahoo-logo2Last week, Peter King of The Monday Morning Quarterback and Sports Illustrated made headlines when he announced his decision to refrain from using the name ‘Redskins’ when referring to the Washington Football Franchise. He’s not the only one to make this decision; Bill Simmons of Grantland also refrained from using the name in his recent NFL power rankings, although he did so without any type of announcement or proclamation. The controversy regarding the name ‘Redskins’ hits especially close to home for Clevelanders, as they also root for a team with a name based on Native American nomenclature that is supposedly steeped in tradition.


Greg Popelka

cleveland stadium fullBy now, you may already have heard. I do hope it was from me, on Twitter. (What a kick it would be, for an old history guy like yours truly to “break” a “story.” Ha, I know. Humor me.)  

If you follow the Cleveland Indians, this day is yours. Live it, love it, speak of it proudly. For September 12, 2013 is the fifty-ninth anniversary of the largest crowd ever to witness an Indians game live. At the time, it was a major-league record. On the afternoon of Sunday, 9/12/54, 86,563 fans – several thousand of who purchased standing-room-only tickets – flooded Municipal Stadium to watch a scheduled doubleheader * between the rival New York Yankees and the Tribe. 


Nino Colla

ZMacStruggleJust as quickly as the Indians and Orioles pulled within 1.5 of the crowd and pulled a game away from the Yankees and Rays, the Yankees and Rays came right back within a game after turning the tables on Tuesday.

That's why winning the series is important. That's why sweeping would have been awesome. That's why you are grateful the Rays lost last night. Heck, everyone lost!

Turn around, quick noon start today, let's get that W.


W: Jeremy Guthrie (14-10)

L: Zach McAllister (7-9)

S: Greg Holland (41)


Just needed a big hit in this one. Just needed one big hit. The Indians got that run early in the first, with two outs, which had all sorts of positive energy flowing through the game and the situation.

But as the game evolved and the team squandered chance after chance and starter Zach McAllister started to progress through the lineup for the second and third time, I got more nervous. Let's start with Z-Mac.

Z-Mac breezed through the first four innings. He had a few walks in the third, but until Alcides Escobar hit the solo shot in the fifth, he was flying through things, keeping a good efficiency with his pitches, looked like he was going to get the Indians through most of the game and give them a chance to win if they were only going to score a few runs.


Nino Colla

JShieldsExcuse me, pardon me, dang is it crowded in here or what?

Five teams, three games... The American League Wild Card is officially a mess, as if it wasn't already. The Indians lost, the Orioles lost, the Rangers lost. The only teams that won were the teams that faced those teams, and they just happened to behind the trio of Cleveland, Baltimore, and Texas. Everyone is within three games of the wild card race.

So....... They talk about the season being a marathon and that is definitely true. But if you ever were to categorize September as the final sprint, you would definitely look at this situation and call it more than a sprint. It's going to be a mad-dash.


W: James Shields (11-9)

L: Scott Kazmir (8-8)

S: Greg Holland (42)


Scott Kazmir is clearly a pitcher who needs rest at this point in the season. One week he's going out there and pitching like he's never pitched before, the next, well, he's only giving you four innings. He isn't pitching horribly, yes he gave up four runs off nine hits. But he's simply pitching like a pitcher who is running on fumes.

At least in my opinion. 


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