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Written by Mike Furlan

Mike Furlan
Furls chimes in with his thoughts on the Fausto Fiasco, commenting that the kid has essentially been reduced to the mental state of the big indian from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in just one weeks time. Furls says it's time to start healing Carmona's mental wounds, and to give Jason Davis a shot to close out games.  Anyone else think that it might be time to stop using Fausto “Walk-Off” Carmona as the closer?  I think the guy is very talented, but right now the Indians are doing more damage to him than good.  He has managed to blow three saves in very dramatic fashion in his last three appearances and he appears to be rattled.  It may be time to look elsewhere for a closer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Indians highlights on ESPN, but not when we are getting “posterized.”  Unfortunately, I think that Carmona is mentally destroyed, not a good sign for your closer.  It appeared to me last night that he was actually shaking, physically not metaphorically, between pitches last night.

So why can’t Carmona close, he clearly has the “stuff,” or does he?  He throws a 95 or MPH fastball, but unfortunately it is rather straight like Jose Mesa’s.  That means that he must be able to hit his spots and quite frankly, he has not been able to do this.  He also lacks an “out  pitch,”  a pitch that he can throw to finish a guy off, get himself out of trouble, or at least keep hitters from sitting on his fastball.  Something like Rivera’s cut fastball.   

So where does this leave us now that we are without Bob “Big Boy” Wickman?  I never had a ton of confidence in Wickman’s stuff, but I did have some confidence in his mental toughness and ability to shake off a bad outing.  He possessed the memoriless quality that you search for in a clutch player, an attribute that more than anything Carmona seems to be lacking.  Right now, it is time for the team to look elsewhere until Carmona is ready to close, which may never happen.  I recommend looking at Jason Davis.  He has looked very sharp in his last several outings, and I believe he is FINALLY beginning to live up to his potential, although not where most thought he would end up.

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