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Indians TCF Authors Mike Furlan

What started as diehard interest in the Cleveland Browns, morphed into an insane fanaticism for all things Buckeye for Mike Furlan. When the infamous traitor, Art Modell, absconded with Mike's beloved Cleveland Browns; Mike poured all of his passion into Ohio State athletics.

Mike is a ten year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Operation Enduring Freedom. He currently remains on active duty and is stationed in the Columbus, Ohio area where he can usually be seen bouncing one of his children on his knee.

Mike's interests include probability theory with applications in actuarial mathematics, latin poetry, and weightlifting. Mike coaches lacrosse and baseball and is defensive line coach for youth athletic teams.

Mike just moved to Charleston, South Carolina where he is attending U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion School with his wife Shannon and their four children.

Mike will be covering Ohio State Buckeye football for The Cleveland Fan.

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