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Scott Swerbinsky


UFC 121 has come and gone and when I’m wrong I’ll admit it. I had very high expectations for last night’s card and I was let down, for the most part that is. The overall card was decent but nowhere near what it could have been. The result of the main even took the cake and overshadowed more bad judging.

Let take a look at the highlights of the event from Anaheim, California:

Main event for the heavyweight title, Brock Lesnar versus Cain Velasquez

I have been telling everyone I talk to Cain Velasquez is the best heavyweight in the world. He proved it last night. All the Lesnar lovers have every excuse in the book right now. Cain Velasquez dominated a man that probably weighed 40 pounds more than him when then entered the octagon.


Scott Swerbinsky


Tonight Anaheim, California is host to UFC 121, which in my opinion could be in the running for fight card of the year. The main event is easily the biggest attraction but there are a good number of fights that will be entertaining and fast paced. The pay per view card starts at 10pm east coast time and SpikeTV will provide two prelim fights starting at 9pm to get you nice and ready for the main card.

Let’s take a look at the main fights on this card, shall we:

Main event for the Heavyweight title. Brock Lesnar versus Cain Velasquez

I love this fight. I believe when we look back at this, it is going to be the biggest fight in UFC history. Lesnar is a monster and has a huge following. People love him and then there are also fans that dislike him and tune in to see what he’s going to do and hoping that he will be beat. He is still learning the mixed martial arts game and has been winning but just sure size and strength. In order to win tonight, he will need a full set of tools. Cain Velasquez is the most talented heavyweight in the world and also the most well rounded. I have been telling people for 2 years that this guy will be champ and hold the title for years. Tonight, he gets to prove me right hopefully.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if these two superstars ending up fighting three times in the next two to three years.


Scott Swerbinsky


UFC 118 has come and gone and so has the experiment to bring pro boxers into the mix. A lot of observers were interested in this card for the co-feature featuring James Toney stepping into the octagon.

Randy Couture did exactly what he was supposed to do and beat the crap out of the big mouth fat slob over the hill boxer that is James Toney. Couture shot in for a single leg takedown two seconds into the match. He secured it, and then went to work with his ground and pound. The fight was stopped when Toney waved to the ref instead of tapping from a head and arm triangle choke. It was a beautiful sight.


Scott Swerbinsky


The Ultimate Fighting Championship has a great card in store for mixed martial arts fans. The event will be the first ever UFC to take place in the city of Boston. UFC President Dana White is returning home and he has put together what I seeing as the best event in 2010.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding this card because of the co-feature fight. It is being billed as MMA versus boxing. Former UFC title holder Randy Couture will take James Toney, who is the first true boxer to step into the octagon. Neither guy is at the top of the mountain in their respective sport, but it is an interesting fight.


Scott Swerbinsky


Last night in Oakland, the Ultimate Fighting Championship set up what had the makings of an outstanding card. Outside of the main event, it was a real letdown.

Before we get to the recap of the event, it has to be said, Bruce Buffer’s act is getting way too old and he needs to realize nobody in the crowd is there to see him. His octagon antics announcing the fighters is annoying and takes away from the fighters as he tries to steal the spotlight.

What wasn’t annoying was the way title contender Chael Sonnen badmouthed champion Anderson Silva leading up to their fight. Silva had looked average in his last few fights and Sonnen told anyone who would listen all about it.


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