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Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky

 Congrads to aoxo, the first ever winner in the Swerbs Blurbs $50 giveaway. aoxo wins a $50 giftcard to the restaraunt of his choice, or if he chooses ... or the retailer of his choice.

All one has to do to qualify for these drawings, which take place every 90 days, is register for the Swerbs Blurbs message boards, which have become a mecca for great sports talk, as well as discussion on other topics as well. It takes about 5 seconds to register, and there are no strings attached. No email solicitations, no need to sign up for anything. You don't even need to post any messages to qualify. aoxo has only posted four messages since registering a couple of months ago.

Take a second to register. There are a plethora of great conversations taking place now about the onset of Indians season, the Cavs playoffs prospects, the NFL draft, and a number of other topics. Next $50 drawing is July 1st.


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