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Written by Rich Swerbinsky

Rich Swerbinsky
Finally had a chance this past weekend to unveil our new online store here at The Cleveland Fan.  We've got a slew of great products in there, all priced very reasonably thanks to a partnership with a new local company that produces super quality stuff for a fraction of the price I used to pay through my old provider.  Check out the new store inside, and pick up a t-shirt or a coffee mug to help support the site!

We've always had an online store here. I've never promoted it much, primarily because my arrangement with Cafe Press sucked.

They were priced too high. And robbed people blind on shipping.

So I went looking for some local alternatives. Found one I am fired up about in All Custom Gear. A local company, run by good trustworthy guys I've known for some time.

The same t-shirt that used to cost $17.99 plus another $5-$6 to ship ... we can now sell SHIPPING INCLUDED for $14.99.

Got some cool products in there. Coffee mugs, long sleeves, those heavy duty sweatshirts that are super thick and comfortable, hoodies, baby onesies, kids tees ... just about everything.

The quality of the items is also better than CafePress. With them, the logos were raised on the shirts, almost like an iron on. In addition to being higher quality garments, the logo is in the shirts, and not on the shirts.

I had these guys hammer out a bunch of sample items for me. It's all excellent stuff. At prices as low as you'll find anywhere for tees. These guys are shipping this stuff at cost for me and imbedding it into the price.

Order a tee or a coffee mug ... it's a great way to support the site and help get the word out.

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