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Jeremy Klein

chudThe firing of Rob Chudzinski after only one year at the helm of the Cleveland Browns was anything but fair. Chudzinski was saddled with Brandon Weeden as his starting quarterback to enter the season, likely at the behest of the front office to “see what the team had” in Weeden. His best quarterback option was injured for the season during his third start, at a time when the team was actually beginning to show some promise. Chudzinski was forced to play musical chairs at running back after the Trent Richardson trade, and the bottom of the roster was constantly being churned by the front office, making continuity especially difficult on defense and special teams. In short, the Cleveland Browns were not a team that was expected to be any good in 2013.


Thomas Moore

2014 01 browns coach search copyThe Cleveland Browns are currently in the market for their fourth head coach since the Romeo Crennel era ended after the 2008 season and there is no shortage of interesting candidates.

The team reportedly has received permission to interview New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, as well as Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. They have also been linked to Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

In what could turn into a pleasant surprise, Jason La Canfora from CBS Sports claims that the Browns will also look to interview Auburn coach Gus Malzahn (once he is done celebrating another national title for the SEC, of course) and Vanderbilt’s James Franklin.

Malzahn is interesting because of his offensive system, one he calls a “hurry-up no-huddle” system that put up almost 400 yards of offense against Alabama – including 296 yards on the ground – and then totaled almost 700 yards – including 545 on the ground – against Missouri. (Of course, these are the Browns so we’re not sure why we are even talking about running the ball.)

Franklin seems to have come out of nowhere, but he does have NFL experience (something Malzahn lacks) after working as a position coach with Green Bay. He is also linked to the Penn State job, which opened up after Bill O’Brien left to take over the Houston Texans.


Gary Benz

Haslam frownJust because there was much to answer for doesn’t mean that much would actually be answered for.  It’s the Cleveland Browns, after all, the team that perennially overpromises and underdelivers.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and club CEO Joe Banner stood before a group of incredulous Cleveland-based reporters on Monday and spoke from the usual script such types speak from after they’ve just fired a head coach.  They talked about needing to improve.  They talked about understanding the fans’ frustration.  They talked about making sure they get the next hire right.


Erik Cassano

00 Banner LombardiIn Cleveland, we've become experts at identifying failed football leadership. A decade and a half of being exposed to it will tend to have that effect.

Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi, you fail. Please exit to the right, and continue collecting your paychecks for the ensuing five-odd years, per the particulars outlined in your lucrative contracts.

But ... They've only been on the job a year -- this is still a work in progress, right?

No. They've failed. It might not become evident until a few more losing seasons have accumulated and they actually receive their walking papers, but they've failed. This regime will end like all the others. With the main characters sitting at home, collecting ownership's money to not coach, not general manage and not preside, and the Browns once again looking for the same answers that have eluded the franchise for 15 years and counting.

They failed to hire a big-name coach last winter. Then they hired Rob Chudzinski, which they now admit was a failure by firing him after one season.


Thomas Moore

2013 12 browns fire chudIn what was a surprising move – even for a franchise that is synonymous with dysfunction – the Cleveland Browns fired head coach Rob Chudzinski Sunday night after just one year on the job.

And Browns fans are left wondering why they should believe anything that comes out of the mouths of team owner Jimmy Haslam or CEO Joe Banner.

Chudzinski becomes the first Browns coach to be fired after just one season in franchise history, so at least Haslam was truthful when he said things were going to be different with him as owner.

Officially, the team “relieved” Chudzinski of his duties (how very polite of them), saying they “needed to see progress with this football team. We needed to see development and improvement as the season evolved and, unfortunately, we took a concerning step backward in the second half of the year.

"Our fans deserve to see a consistently competitive team. We have high standards, and there's an urgency for success. When we believed we were not positioned to achieve significant progress in 2014, we knew we had to admit that a change was needed, and move forward.”


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