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Thomas Moore

2013 10 browns not winTaking a look at the Cleveland Browns 3-4 record today we realized that, as bad as things are right now, it is very likely that they are going to get a lot worse before we reach the end of the season.

Worse, as in, is there a game left on the schedule that the Browns can actually win?

Worse, as in, it’s not even Halloween yet and the season, like so many before it, already feels like it is over.

Worse, as in, the Browns may have already won too many games this season to have a realistic chance at improving the most important position on the team in next spring’s NFL Draft.

Looking at the upcoming schedule it is hard to see the Browns having a realistic chance at a win until the month of December.


Chris Hutchison


Trevor and Sheila sit on stools at a bar, watching the MNF game between the Colts and the Broncos on the big screen in front of them.  The game goes to commercial, and Sheila drains what’s left of her beer while Trevor watches TV and shakes his head irritably.

Trevor:  That’s just terrible.



Gary Benz

browns-packersThere really is a numbing sameness to the Cleveland Browns, isn't there? It's not just the big things, like the way they lose each week. It's crept into the small things as well. Consider, for example, the following quote from quarterback Brandon Weeden and then guess when it was spoken:

"I was trying to throw a groundball to [running back Chris Ogbonnaya]. I just didn't want to take a sack there. My mistake."


Thomas Moore

2013 10 browns lose packersThe Cleveland Browns lost to Green Bay on Sunday by the score of 31-13.

It was the Browns second consecutive loss after energizing the city with a three-game winning streak.

The game was effectively over with 3:48 left in the first quarter after an Eddie Lacy one-yard run gave the Packers a 14-0 lead.

And it left us, just seven games into the 2013 NFL season, wondering if the Browns are going to win a game again this season.


Chris Hutchison

CraigRobinsonThe Browns of Cleveland so impressed Vegas last week that the oddsmakers made them the highest point spread of the week.  Yes, even with all Green Bay's WR's either dead or dying, the Browns are still 10 point dogs, bigger underdogs than even the mercurial Jaguars.

I'm not sure if it was the consistent QB play, the stellar run game, or the impeccable Defense that most impressed bettors last week.  That second Half... man, I've not seen such an un-dominating performance in a long time.  It was more fun than watching my cat vomit.

So the standard thought I've seen bandied about this week is that the Browns D - which was absolutely shredded and exposed up the middle - will be able to slow down the WR-deficient Packers.  As if guarding the WR's was their problem.


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