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Thomas Moore

2013 10 browns lions wrapperThrough the first six games of the season, the Cleveland Browns defense has been one of the team’s bright spots.

The team is seventh overall in the NFL, giving up just a shade over 300 yards a game, is giving up a decent 20.8 points per game, and after so many years of not being able to stop the run has finally been solid against the rush, giving up just under 100 yards per game and 3.5 yards per carry.

But we can’t help but wonder if it is time to start worrying a little bit about the defense.

Most (all?) of the focus has been on the offense and specifically the quarterback situation. That won’t change anytime soon – certainly not this season – but that doesn’t mean the defense should be let off the hook.


Chris Hutchison

EverySpermThe Browns are 2.5 point home dogs this week against a team that will have - at best - a limited Calvin Johnson.  And without Calvin, that team is not good.

You take away Calvin, and Matthew Stafford becomes Brandon Weeden.  The No-Josh-Gordon Weeden.  He holds the ball too long, he makes inaccurate throws, he makes poor decisions.

Now, he does have a second weapon, which would be short passes to Reggie Bush, and that is why you see a somewhat improved Detroit offense this year.  Controlling him will be the key to the game.  If the Defense is able to get pressure on Stafford and neutralize Bush, Cleveland should be able to pull the game out.  Green Bay was able to do it last week, and the Browns have a better overall D than the Pack.

I really wish it were 3.5 instead of 2.5, but if there's a decent chance that Clevetown wins it outright, then the points won't matter anyway.  Take the Browns and the 2.5.


Chris Hutchison


Trevor and Sheila sit at a booth in a diner, both absently drinking coffee as they stare at their iPad and newspaper (respectively).

In rushes Mark, wearing a suit and eager.  He plops down next to Trevor.  Neither of them look up at him.

Mark:  Sorry, I'm late.  You guys order yet?

Trevor:  Yep.

Mark (glancing at menu): I'm pretty sure I just want the buffalo chicken wrap.  What'd you guys get?

Trevor:  The Vegan Apocalypse Omelet.  Seven different kinds of meat.

Mark looks over at Sheila, and she holds up two fingers, indicating she got the same.


Thomas Moore

2013 10 browns lions previewAfter a 10-day layoff, the first place Cleveland Browns return to action on Sunday as they host the Detroit Lions.

The game also marks the return of Brandon Weeden as the Browns starting quarterback, with Weeden looking for his first win as a starter since Week 14 of last season.

The Browns are looking to close out a stretch of three consecutive home games with their fourth consecutive victory to maintain a share of first place in the AFC North.


Greg Popelka

lou groza closeupIn Cleveland, we like our left tackles. It’s one small portion of our professional football tradition, a fun facet of our sports culture. That one position on the Browns’ roster has embodied excellence, tradition, and our blue-collar work ethic. Its history serves as a connection for us, to when our town dominated the sport.


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