Noah Poinar is a seasoned Cleveland sports fan who was born and raised in Tallmadge, Ohio.  He currently lives in Columbus where he is studying Business/Communications at Ohio State.  He originally attended a out of state college only to realize he couldn’t live somewhere that didn’t carry FS Ohio and Sports Time Ohio.  He was left no option but to transfer back to his beloved home-state.  At the time, LeBron James was doing the opposite.

At the age of 9, Noah dreamt of playing for the Cleveland Indians.   When this dream became unreachable he set his sights on buying the Cleveland Browns.  After this dream died he set his sights on the Cleveland Cavaliers GM position.  After Yale denied him acceptance, he settled down and decided to pursue a career in sports writing.  Noah has since given up on that career as well, deciding instead to make sports writing his hobby.  And he’s okay with that.

His novel “Maybe Next Year,” which he began writing back in high school, will be available in hardback in the year 2021.