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Greg has a family of 4, who he tries to insulate from his brooding when Cleveland sports rip his heart out. He appreciates music by a wide range of artists - and is currently involved in converting a chunk of his vinyl album collection to .mp3 files. Greg is an eager latecomer to the music of Phish. His iPod Nano has a killer collection of 230 rock/pop songs from the 1980’s, compiled in part by his brother and his aunt, and which proudly lacks any Lionel Ritchie, Phil Collins and Michael Jackson. The Nano is his running companion, and he runs 6 – 10 miles a week when the weather is decent. Greg is somewhat of a WWII history buff. His favorite movies usually involve war, international intrigue, or Michael Winslow.

Jason Askew was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. He grew up as both a local (all things Cleveland) sports junkie and a passionate participant. His early childhood memories include rooting for the likes of Andre Thornton, World B. Free, and Ozzie Newsome.

His most memorable times include taking the Laketran to Lakeland Community College and patrolling the fences for autographs at Browns training camp. The worst include stories that have already sucked enough life out of us and contain names including, but not limited to, Jordan, Elway, and Renteria.

As a youth his Northeast Ohio memories also boast sharing the field and/or court with future pros like Earl Boykins, Joe Jurevicius, London Fletcher, and Matthew Hatchette.

After 6 years in the Navy and 3 years living in NY, he returned his family to their Northeast Ohio roots in 2003 and now lives in Lake County with his wife and two children.

Jason works as a field service engineer for a company in the semiconductor industry. When he isn’t at work making computer chips, trolling boards, researching player bios, looking at box scores and listening to or watching a sporting event, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching his daughter leave her imprint on the local sports scene.

J.D. Shultz is a comedy / entertainment writer currently based in Los Angeles. He's originally from Ohio, but you probably could've guessed that. (As hard as it is to believe, California natives aren't falling over each other to become fans of a city 2,000 miles away, whose sports teams haven't won anything in 45 years.)

Since J.D. is a Cleveland fan at heart, he can't adopt the sexy, local teams . . . it just isn't a real option. (So Cleveland forever it is!) It's sort of like when the Washington Bullets wanted to change their name in 1997, and they allowed their fans to vote on these five new names: The Dragons, The Express, The Stallions, The Sea Dogs, and The Wizards. (Yeah, the Washington Sea Dogs was a choice.) (???)

The final tally was something like: The Dragons (0%), The Express (0%), The Stallions (0%), The Sea Dogs (0%), The Wizards (.01%), and the write-In selection "Uh, let's just stay the Bullets" (99.99%). But that just wasn't a real option. (So Wizards it was!) J.D. is excited to be a contributing Cavs writer for The Cleveland Fan . . . but if you just can't get enough of his undeniable amazingness here, hit up his Cavs blog at

Oh, and don't forget to write. J.D. : feedback :: LeBron James : Akron

Jerry Roche is a freelance writer/editor who covered Super Bowl XVI in Pontiac, Mich., and has interviewed such celebrated sports figures as Otto Graham, John Wooden and Merlin Olsen, among many others. He is former sports editor of the Port Clinton News-Herald and Alliance Review whose writing has been honored by the Ohio Associated Press Sportswriters Association. The U.S. Army veteran earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Ohio University.

Jesse Lamovsky has been a staff writer for the Cleveland Fan since 2006, specializing mostly in Browns and Buckeyes coverage with a side of Cavaliers coverage thrown in. Jesse’s first (hopefully not last) book, The Worst of Sports, was published by Random House in 2007, and someday he hopes to write either the definitive history of the Cleveland sports drought (with a happy ending, of course) or at any rate, something else that pays him handsomely. He currently resides in Strongsville with his lovely and patient soon-to-be-wife.

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