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Nick Allburn is a handsome young fellow from North East, PA (basically Erie). One of his earliest memories is the purchase of his first Chief Wahoo cap.

Nick has undergraduate and master's degrees in business from Penn State (don't worry, he's a Buckeyes fan), and attended the Erie campus to avoid Jerry Sandusky. When he isn't writing about the Browns or Cavaliers for TheClevelandFan, Nick enjoys the finer things in life; reading from his collection of leather-bound books, distance running, triathlon, the occasional adult beverage, and Nintendo. Nick probably owns more Bernie Kosar jerseys than you do.

In addition to writing for TCF, Nick collaborates on a Cleveland sports blog located at

For the longest time, Nino Colla wanted to cover the Cleveland Indians as a member of the press. Until one day he realized he already commiserates about the Cleveland Indians all the time, there's no point in making it a full-time job. If you were to categorize his childhood with the specific era of Indians baseball he grew up with, you would probably call it a rough childhood. Nino grew to love that rough childhood though, even with the likes of Alex Escobar roaming the outfield and Jason Davis throwing 100 mph beach balls. 

Nino is originally from Youngstown, Ohio, now lives in Kent, Ohio while working towards his Master's in Higher Education-Administration at The University of Akron. He graduated from UA in May 2012 with a double-major in Communications. He's maintained his own blog, The Tribe Daily, since March of 2008 and uses it to compile all relevant information on the Tribe and occasionally photoshop Indians players in an effort to be semi-humorous. While working towards his Master's degree, he freelances for local Canton-area newspaper The Suburbanite covering High School sports. Nino's daily spurts of ridiculous Indians talk can be found on twitter @TheTribeDaily.

Paul Cousineau has been actively following the Indians since his days in the “Little Indians’ Fan Club”, when he and his friends absorbed fielding tips from Brook Jacoby like little sponges and stood in awe of the immortal Pat Tabler.

Born and bred on the East Side of Cleveland, he had his passport stamped after graduating from college to cross the Crooked River and set up shop on the West Side.

At the urging of his Milwaukee-bred wife, he started writing The DiaTribe in Spring of 2004 to put his thoughts on the Indians on paper, so to speak. He can usually be found sitting in the Mezzanine at most home games, chatting up Bob the Beer Guy and looking over the shoulder of the guy with the ponytail who keeps score of every home game in front of him.

He and his wife welcomed their first child Patrick in winter of 2006. Though he won’t publicly comment whether his son’s name is an homage to Tabler, it couldn’t have hurt.

Ryan Aroney is a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio and a graduate of the Cleveland State University School of Communication. He spends more time than he should following his favorite sports teams, all of which happen to play in Cleveland or Columbus.

When not writing for, Ryan works in media relations. Ryan also covers high school sports as a freelancer for local newspapers and contributes to a Cleveland State Vikings sports blog at

A former college baseball player, Ryan enjoys taking part in as much baseball related activity as possible in his free time.

Ryan Lewis is a 20-year-old Newspaper Journalism Major at Kent State University.

He was born and raised in Green, Ohio—except for a short stint in Nebraska, of all places—and now resides in Kent.

Lewis currently writes for three sites on the sports network,, and

After finding a genuine love for sports journalism, he endured plywood press boxes and cherished $1.25 hot dogs in aluminum foil while covering high school sports for the Suburbanite Newspaper for four years.

His first sports memory as a kid is his dad taking him to Jacobs Field—as it should still be named—to see the great Cal Ripken Jr. play baseball. As any Cleveland fan, he’s had his heart ripped out over and over again, but was reborn when the Brownies took down Pittsburgh in 2009 with a wind chill of 12-below.

For, Lewis covers the NFL Draft, which is a relief because he’d be spending way too many hours researching it either way.

Lewis can be reached by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on Twitter @RyanLewisOhio.

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