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Mike Kramer was born and raised in Willoughby Ohio.  Without his consent, he was immediately indoctrinated with the dreaded Cleveland Sports Fan gene.  After high school, he attended Grove City College in western Pa and earned a degree in molecular biology, in the hopes that he might be able to genetically engineer a Cleveland Sports owner who wasn’t a moron.

When it turned out that this would be really really hard, he decided to become a dentist, dooming him to yearly gifts of Hermie Chrristmas ornaments.  He earned his DDS from tOSU in 2001 where his Buckeye fandom turned into a mild fanaticism.  After a brief stint in Youngstown, he returned to Cleveland and settled in Avon where he lives with his lovely wife and young son.

He joins the esteemed TCF writing staff where he will contribute all manner of nonsense with the unstated goal of making everyone else look better by comparison.

Mike Perry was born and raised in northeast Ohio. Except for a five-year sentence in Pittsburgh, where he moved for career reasons (and from the first day looked for a way to move back) he has made the Cleveland area his home. He loves Cleveland and fondly recalls his first memory involving sports…the Miracle at Richfield. As with every other die-hard Cleveland sports fan, Perry has suffered his share of heartbreak. When Elway drove 98 yards and drove a stake through our hears he was sitting on the 40 yard-line, swilling Hungarian tomato wine to keep warm. He witnessed The Shot and The Fumble at his Kent State dorm room and sat helplessly in his apartment in Butler, Pa. when Jose Mesa melted down.

While most people credit their father with introducing them to the world of sports fandom, Perry has to thank his cousin, Jeff Short, who introduced him to Pete Franklin’s Sportsline in the early 1970’s. He is joining the staff at to provide fans of the Mid- American Conference extensive coverage of this overlooked league.

Perry is married and lives in Amherst with his wife, Christy, and his two sons Mitchell (3) and Matthew (1).

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Mitch Cyrus is living proof that sports fanaticism and appreciation of the arts can co-exist, an opinion shared by Rich Swerbinsky in the creation of the Movies & TV section of TheClevelandFan.  Mitch has been onboard at TCF since Day One, contributing as a movie critic, entertainment analyst, sports columnist for football and golf, as well as a humorist with his recaps of “The Sopranos” and “24”.

A native of Shelby, Ohio, Mitch completed his college at High Point University in North Carolina, and decided to stick around due to marrying a pure Southerner as well as having the opportunity to golf year-round.  In his real-life profession, Mitch is the director of security and compliance for a software company providing human resource targeted applications.

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