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Andrew Clayman is an Akron native and Bowling Green State University grad currently making his home in Chicago, IL. Despite having moved out of state, he is a firm believer that certain other Akronites should stay home and play for their nearest local professional sports team for the full extent of their careers

That said, Andrew has already sacrificed his youth and sanity for perennial heartbreak as a Browns, Indians, Cavs, and Zips fan. He was in the stands at Browns Stadium on Bottle Throwing Day, and his father was at 10 Cent Beer Night. The tradition runs deep. Mention Cory Snyder's mustache, Dwayne Rudd's helmet, or Cedric Henderson's jump shot and you've got a conversation on your hands. After all, when the big picture is this hard to look at, might as well focus on the funny little details.

Brian McPeek is a lifelong Clevelander who 'famously' worked the sidelines for the Browns during the 1985-86 and 1986-87 seasons, which many of you may remember as "The Drive" and "The Fumble" seasons.

After single-handedly sending the Browns spiraling into the Dark Ages he graduated from Bowling Green State University with a journalism degree. Naturally he went to work in the insurance industry where he's worked for the past 18 years.

Brian lives in Madison with his wife of 22 years, Lisa, and his three daughters, Danielle, Jessica and Kacie.

Feel free to contact Brian at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Carolyn Hastings is a writer, blogger and unabashed Cleveland fan whose work has appeared on CavsNews, Cavs Court, Sports Diva, Women Like Sports and NESW Sports.  She writes a daily love letter to the Cleveland Cavaliers on her blog, And One.  When she’s not standing on the coffee table shouting encouragement during Cavs games, Carolyn is wondering why no one ever mentions Frank Basloe, the Waterloo Wonders, the Cleveland Rebels or the Akron Firestone Nonskids.  And when she’s not watching basketball, writing about basketball, talking about basketball, or reading about basketball, Carolyn enjoys inhaling outside of Breadsmith on Detroit, wandering the Mohair aisle at River Colors Studio and staring at the river-which-is-so-rocky.

Chris was born in and grew up near in the thriving metropolis of Canton, OH. He graduated from NYU Film School, which was perhaps the biggest waste of money in the history of mankind since We Are The World. After stints in New York City, Miami, and Southern California, he has (for reasons unknown) returned to the football Mecca of his youth. He is investing heavily in cryogenic technology in an effort to stay alive until Cleveland wins another championship.

Cris Sykes is a 30-year-old writer from Mentor, Ohio. He is an eternal optimist with the Cleveland sports franchises. He thought Chris Palmer, Charlie Manuel, and Randy Wittman were all good hires the day they were made. He thought Jeff Garcia was going to be a Pro Bowl Quarterback when he arrived in Cleveland. Keith Hernandez would lead the American League in hitting when he arrived in Cleveland.

A few of Cris’s favorite things ... Athlete: Roger Clemens Day of the year: Opening day for Major League Baseball Team: 1995 Cleveland Indians Coach: Jim Tressel Game: Ohio State over Miami (FL) Book: The Godfather Returns Movie: Pulp Fiction Sports Movie: Major League

In his spare time, Cris usually goes out for some drinks, and is interrupted every few minutes to throw a bowling ball. His 9-5 job is doing research and development for Sherwin-Williams, where he has been working for the last 5 years.

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