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John Hnat writes about the Cavs (and occasionally other Cleveland sports-related topics) for He is one of the fewer than twelve known people who can name the Cavs roster from 2002-03 (aka The Year Before LeBron). By day, he works as a developer for a local computer software company, a role that has absolutely nothing to do with the bachelor's or law degrees he earned from Case Western Reserve University. John lives with his two incredibly active children in the suburban Cleveland area.

Connected to Cleveland athletics since the weekend he was born – when Brian Sipe led the Browns to a come-from-behind fourth-quarter victory, the Cavaliers won their emotional first two games following the Miracle of Richfield, and the Indians began their quest to sign cataclysmic pitching bust Wayne Garland – Jonathan has written about Cleveland teams since before he learned how to diagram sentences. These combined passions have resulted in his writing countless articles and seven books on various topics in Cleveland sports history.

A member of the Society for American Baseball Research and in no way connected to New Kids On The Block, Jonathan is a graduate of Ohio University and has twice been named Sportswriter of the Year by the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association.

He lives in Columbus – the demilitarized zone of Ohio pro sports – and has two sons who have not yet been afflicted with the psychological burden of Cleveland athletics.

You can learn more about Jonathan and his books at

Mansfield Lucas is not his real name, but the takes you'll get are as real and raw as they come. Sometimes intelligent, sometimes whack, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes inspiring questions of just what did his parents do to him, anyway? grammatically sound but always readable. As satisfying as an old POC in a 40 degree can.

Mansfield grew up in the heart of Cleveland's East Side in Euclid, and like Greg Brinda attended St Ignatius High School, and like Greg, decided that rather than go onto college he'd matriculate to Kent State. Unlike Greg, Mansfield actually knows what he's talking about and rarely stutters.

Mansfield has written for over a decade on several internet sites and has also been a published sports writer and music critic for the now defunct Downtown Tab magazine, which means, yes, somebody actually did pay him to write this crap at one time. Shocking.

Mansfield has a PhD in the TCE (TM) (The Cleveland Exeperience, as in sports' experience), a concept that will no doubt come up frequently in his blurbs. He will be covering the Cleveland Browns for The Cleveland Fan.

Matt Vann was born and raised in South Euclid, and was actually alive the last time a Cleveland team won a championship (The Crunch do not count). He hopes to be alive for the next one as well, but the way things are going it's gonna be close. School and career have kept Matt living elsewhere, but he returns for his "annual pilgrimage" and often plans his visits with the family around C-Town sporting events. Or at least dinner at one of Michael Symon's restaurants. Matt and his family now live in Houston, where his kids have closets full of gear which they no longer wear emblazoned with "James" and "Edwards" and "Sabathia" on the back. Generic Ohio State apparel is now the go to move in the Vann household. Matt, with help from his Houston based buddies, will be writing about football, food, and drink for The Cleveland Fan.

What started as diehard interest in the Cleveland Browns, morphed into an insane fanaticism for all things Buckeye for Mike Furlan. When the infamous traitor, Art Modell, absconded with Mike's beloved Cleveland Browns; Mike poured all of his passion into Ohio State athletics.

Mike is a ten year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Operation Enduring Freedom. He currently remains on active duty and is stationed in the Columbus, Ohio area where he can usually be seen bouncing one of his children on his knee.

Mike's interests include probability theory with applications in actuarial mathematics, latin poetry, and weightlifting. Mike coaches lacrosse and baseball and is defensive line coach for youth athletic teams.

Mike just moved to Charleston, South Carolina where he is attending U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion School with his wife Shannon and their four children.

Mike will be covering Ohio State Buckeye football for The Cleveland Fan.

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