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And now, the end is here

And so I face, the final curtain

That can be said for both the television version of “24”, and also this column that I’ve published through three seasons of Jack.

Let’s start with one last response to my most fanatic email partner; Mr. Gary Benz.  Gary jogged my memory about something I had forgotten; the fact that Jack kidnapped Logan in Season 5. 

In other words; another retread of a plot device. 

How surprising.

On the other hand, as much as I usually agree with Gary’s points, I will disagree with him on one thing that seems to bug him a lot more than me.  That being Jack’s journey “off the rails”.  Gary’s opinion is that if Jack had been the type of person to totally wig out over a murder, it would have happened after the death of his wife Teri at the end of the first season.

Fair enough…but I contend that no single event in itself caused Jack to go over to the dark side.  Instead, it was a culmination of all the terrible things that had happened to him over the years; Teri, his father, his brother, being kidnapped and tortured by the Chinese, Tony Almeda’s actions, Audrey Rains going loony-toons, being forced to execute Ryan Chappelle, and the deaths in the line of duty by so many that he cared for; like Bill Buchanan, Michelle, Edgar, David Palmer, etc.  There is only so much angst one person can take before he is ready to go Anton Chigurh on as many people as he can…and I think that line was finally crossed with the death of Renee Walker.


Mitch CyrusCrystalballThough it will be a sad Sunday of TV watching in one regard; “The Pacific” miniseries has ended, it will be the start of two very interesting days as two iconic series come to an end.  “Lost” will bow out with a two and a half hour finale on Sunday, with nothing more than its entire place in history at stake.  Look at it this way; it’s always been a crazy show…but if the finale doesn’t wrap things up in a satisfactory manner, it could go down as a complete fake, with a finale that might finally overtake “St Elsewhere’s” as the most reviled of all time (if you remember, on the last episode of St. Elsewhere, we find out that the entire hospital and staff were just the imagination of an autistic child).

But if the finale is a success?  Then it will live on forever…and will especially be remembered as the one series that knew exactly when to call it quits.

Which brings us to Monday’s television series finale of “24”.  Depending on who you are, this dinosaur hung around for anywhere from three to five years too long, although I’m probably more in the camp of “one…maybe two years too long”.


Mitch CyrusRobin_HoodWithin twenty minutes of walking out of the theater,  I had two different people ask me my opinion of the latest Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe collaboration; “Robin Hood”.  My response?

“It didn’t suck”.

I said that each time without really thinking that much about what that meant, but I kept coming back to the phrase over the next few days.  What did I really mean by that?  I think it does imply disappointment; as in, there was too much talent involved in this project to not end up being better than it was.  But I think it also implies that while the movie wasn’t what I was hoping it would be, it was still worth watching.

More than likely, it’s something that I’ll continue to debate with myself for a long time, and it will require at least one more viewing before I deliver my “final verdict”.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about the movie (as well as compare it to others in its category).


Mitch CyrusJack_BauerJack Bauer doesn't need to search the internet, he just stares a computer down until it gives him the information he needs.

1 PM – 2 PM

We start out with the press conference praising Charles Logan, and it appears as if Charles likes hearing his name all over the news almost as much as LeBron James.  But he’s not too happy once he gets the call from BeadyEyes Jason who is at the scene where FakeEMTovich was gutted like last night’s trout.

Jack informs Meredith that she has one of two things waiting for her; a Pulitzer Prize or a Dirt Nap, since the call he made involving her now has painted a giant target on her back.  She says that she can trust her editor…who would immediately jump to the top of my “next to die” list (if I were still keeping it at this late of a point).  On the other hand, I’m actually just shocked that Jack could find ANY reporter who still works at a newspaper, and is actually interested in reporting the news about current affairs.  I thought the printed press only existed anymore to stalk Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan.


Mitch CyrusCrystalballTo understand how much of a behemoth “Iron Man 2” is, you just have to look at the box office receipts from last week.  Iron Man came in first with $128 million.  Second place was “A Nightmare on Elm Street” with $9 million.  When you earn 14 times as much as your closest competition, you’ve got a hit.

Look for that to continue this week, as I don’t think “Robin Hood” will take the #1 spot away from Robert Downey Jr. and company.

Mini Review

There is no mini review this week.  I was too busy spending almost 12 hours of my life watching some of the worst professional basketball I have ever seen.

I had an opportunity to finally catch several well regarded movies, but instead I chose to watch LeBron James show that he really doesn’t want to “Be Like Mike”, and another Mike, this one with the last name of Brown, show that he really doesn’t deserve to have the title “Head Coach” after his name.


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