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Connected to Cleveland athletics since the weekend he was born – when Brian Sipe led the Browns to a come-from-behind fourth-quarter victory, the Cavaliers won their emotional first two games following the Miracle of Richfield, and the Indians began their quest to sign cataclysmic pitching bust Wayne Garland – Jonathan has written about Cleveland teams since before he learned how to diagram sentences. These combined passions have resulted in his writing countless articles and seven books on various topics in Cleveland sports history.

A member of the Society for American Baseball Research and in no way connected to New Kids On The Block, Jonathan is a graduate of Ohio University and has twice been named Sportswriter of the Year by the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association.

He lives in Columbus – the demilitarized zone of Ohio pro sports – and has two sons who have not yet been afflicted with the psychological burden of Cleveland athletics.

You can learn more about Jonathan and his books at

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